Silhouette subscription – worth it or not? 

I’ve been a Silhouette junkie for over 4 years. If I knew then what I know now, I would have become a Silhouette groupie many years before that when my friend said, “Hey, I think you should check out this other machine.” I looked into it, saw the price tag & told myself I didn’t need it when I had a lot invested into my Cricut machines. Boy was I ever wrong!!!!

As time went on, I become less thrilled with my Cricut machines limited capabilities. All of that changed when I opened my first Silhouette box. The possibilities are endless.

I am pretty frugal and in the beginning I didn’t want to purchase designs, I wanted to create them. And I have to be honest, what I saw in the Silhouette store wasn’t really my style. Now that has changed and the store has grown & there is something for everyone.

This past year while I was attending Terri Johnson Creates hands-on Silhouette class in Woodbridge, VA; she spoke about the Silhouette subscription and explained how it can be a great way to grab designs for less than the full price in the store. With a subscription you pay a monthly fee & get a certain dollar amount every month to spend in the store.

For example: the $9.99/month plan gets you $25 credit each month. Then if you get it when they are having a sale on the subscriptions, you save even more. And if you pay for a year in advance you get an additional 5% savings. And you can make your credits stretch even farther if you purchase when they are having a sale in the store. Terri mentioned this was a great time to stock up on fonts…..


Merry Christmas to me!!! That’s what I told my husband, even though it was the end of August.

I would highly recommend looking into a Silhouette store subscription if you find yourself buying designs on a regular basis. Do keep in mind that the designs are for Personal Use (PU) & if you plan to make items to sell, that you need to purchase the Commercial Use (CU) license to do so legally.

I would also highly recommend checking out Terri Johnson Creates and her conferences. Even though I feel like I know quite a bit about the Silhouette, it’s a never ending learning process & I learned so much attending the 2 retreats this past year.

If you are a Silhouette Junkie like me, check out this free cut file for personal use by Christine at Cutting for Business

(Find this free Personal Use cut file HERE)

And guess what??
Silhouette Design store is having a sale on the subscription right now through January 2nd.
Take a look at it HERE.



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