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Customized cards with my Silhouette Cameo

I love being able to create these customized cards for friends, especially for special occasions… A friend of mine just received the results of her dental hygiene exam and I thought I would create a unique card for her. I found all the designs in the Silhouette Store and loved that I could just click buy and then get to cutting. You can find the Congratulations Pop & Twist card file HERE. Find the Tooth file HERE. Find the Dentist tools HERE.

img_6006 img_6180

You can see a short video of how this card works HERE.


I took the tooth cut file and resized it down to make a bunch of teeth confetti to include inside the pop & twist card. And then I stuffed it into the envelope. Just a tip… I even measured this card and it was under the weight limit but U.S.P.S still returned it for more postage. You just never know. Sometimes with these fancy fold cards they can get to be a bit thick and you need to allow for extra postage. I thought I was good this time, but guess not!

Now while you can find instructions on how to create these fancy cards such as Twist & Pop or Cards in a Box, I still prefer to use my Cameo machine and let it do the work for me.

What kind of fancy cards will you try with your Cameo?

Enjoy !

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2 thoughts on “Customized cards with my Silhouette Cameo”

  1. I have difficulty making cards with my Cameo.
    I don’ Know why?
    Can you tell me what paper to use?
    Should I buy the cards on silhouette?
    What other items should I have? Glue?
    Do you use the pins on your cards?
    What do you do regarding envelopes for your cards?


    1. I use the Recollections paper from Michael’s & it’s low cost, so you can play with it & toss it if it doesn’t turn out….
      the Silhouette Design Store Files are the easiest since they are ready to cut… of course that is Designer dependent… and there are all levels on there from easy to many, many layers.
      I use a variety of glues – tape runners, glue dots, liquid glue… it really just depends on the project.
      Do you mean the Silhouette sketch pens? Yes, you could – they are a neat tool to play with. I use many different things…. stamping, print & cut or sketch pens.
      You can buy packs of envelopes just for this purpose at a craft store or office supply place… or you could make your own several ways. Hope that helps!


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