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Let’s Explore v4 – Pixscan Panel

Now you may have noticed I skipped an icon as we were going down the right side of the Silhouette software. I wanted to get through the Tracing panel before we explored the Pixscan, since we will be using that feature here.

The Pixscan Panel can be very useful if you are scanning an object such as a stamped image or design off of a piece of scrapbook paper.

Here is how the Pixscan works:

  1. Gather your images you want to scan and place them on your Pixscan mat inside of the rectangle border.
  2. Take a photo of your Pixscan mat or use your Scanner to gather your image.IMG_1837
  3. Click on the Pixscan icon in the top right corner of the software.Pixscan copy
  4. Then you will choose Import PixScan Image from File and select your photo from where you have saved it. Pixscan no calibration copyMy software gave me the notice that “No Calibration Profile could be found….” and I tried to create a calibration file, but was unable to. I have an iphone 6s and it was not recognizing that, but I’ve still been able to get successful cuts even with this notice. This may not work for everyone.
  5. Click on Continue without Calibration and then be patient as it loads up the image onto your software mat.Continue with Calibration
  6. Next, trace or draw shapes around the images on the design mat.Pixscan demo
  7. Once there are cut lines, either by tracing or drawing shapes, click on the Send tab  and set the cut settings by choosing your material. You will notice above, there is one image on my mat that has no cut lines. When I did the trace on the monkey, while he is cute, he was not a very good image to trace around as he had edges that were not closed. He could still be used, however, would require a bit of extra manipulation of edit points in order to do so.
  8. Now, load the mat. Make sure that your rollers are on the edges of the mat and you have lined up the left edge with the blue line on the left.IMG_1838
  9. Now, cross your fingers and Click on the Send button. The Cameo will begin by reading the registration marks on the mat with the Optical eye, this is how it can line up the design and cut lines. And….. Success!!!IMG_1839 I see a few things are a bit off such as the Toscana Vigneto circle is not quite centered and the coffee stamps are a tad off….. but, all the others cut exactly how they showed on my screen.

Now, what I would suggest is practice. Is every one going to turn out perfect? No, probably not. But, with practice you will get the hang of what works and what does not.

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Enjoy !

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