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Let’s Explore v4 – Text Style – Glyphs

Have you heard of Glyphs? These are special characters that some fonts have included with them. Glyphs can be flourishes, fancy letters, punctuation or characters with accents, shapes, etc.


With the software Silhouette Studio version of v4.1.197 and the Designer Edition software upgrade, came the option to unlock the glyphs feature in Silhouette Studio. This is amazing as I had such a hard time with the small Character map on my PC.

Access the Glyphs panel on the second tab of the Test Style Panel on the right side of Silhouette Studio v4.

Glyphs panel copy

Let’s Explore the glyphs tab in the Text Style Panel!

Glyphs detailed copy

  1. Text Search bar – Just like on Tab 1,  the name of the font that is selected will appear in this box or you can highlight it and type a name in the box and it will select that font.
  2. Glyphs – This area is where you will see the glyphs of the font that you are using show up. Note: sometimes not all the glyphs will show up here and you will need to access those through Character Map (PC) or Fontbook (Mac).  It just depends on how the font was created.
  3. Recently Used Glyphs – This handy feature shows the ones you have recently accessed.
  4. Icon size – You can change the size of how the Icons appear in the glyphs panel. And when you hover over a glyph it magnifies it as well. Large vs small icons copy

Now, there is still 1 more tab option in the Text Style Panel and it’s a good one.


If you type out a word that is either not in the dictionary or is not spelled correctly, you will see a green squiggly line show up under it. Here I’ve typed my business name with no space. That is not in the dictionary, so it let’s me know that.

Spell check copy

If I want to add that word to my dictionary, I can right click on it and choose “Add ‘SilhouetteSecrets’ to Dictionary”.

Add to Library copy

Once it is added to the dictionary, the green line disappears.


So let’s explore the Spelling Panel.

Replace text copy

If you type out several words which are misspelled (which is very hard for me to do on purpose), you will notice the green squiggly lines under those that are not in the dictionary.

Click on Replace and it will pop up a list of suggestions to replace it with. Choose the one you want, click on Replace again and it will change it.

If you know the word is spelled correctly, choose Add to Dictionary and the green line will disappear. This word has now been added to your Silhouette dictionary.

The Arrows at the top of the panel are the Undo and Redo buttons, in case you picked the wrong replacement word, you can simply Undo it.

Undo Redo copy

And then you have some Advanced options.

Advance Dictionary copy

  1. Automatic Spellchecking – check it on or off.
  2. Select Language – Select your default language.
  3. Custom Dictionary – Any words you add to the dictionary will appear here.
  4. Text box – Type in a new word to add it to your dictionary.

If you ever need to delete a word you have added to the Dictionary, click on the word and the delete option will show up.

Dictionary delete

And there you have all of the Text Style Panel. Keep in mind that the Glyphs panel is an option available to you when you upgrade the software to Designer Edition or higher.

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Enjoy !

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