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Silhouette Summit 2019 Show & Tell

IMG_20190507_141951776 copy

By now, you’ve probably seen somewhere online that there are new Silhouette machines and products being released in Fall 2019 and into 2020.
You can see a few photos & some details I posted (with permission) on my Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook pageHERE.
All the new things coming are amazing!


Not only was it exciting to see views of the new products that are being released, but the projects in the demo room that the Silhouette team had created were jaw dropping.
I have so many new ideas & things to try.

I started using my Silhouette as a paper crafter, so these amazing 3-D animals made me stop & admire them.

Find these designs here:
Balloon Dog by Mesh & Craft – Design #287225
Chameleon by Mesh&Craft – Design #287227

While there are many new specialty materials being released, there was also projects that caught my eye with existing products as well.


This faux agate was in a shadow box & stopped me in my tracks. Maybe I’m partial to pretty rocks from growing up in Montana (and from my rock loving mom), but this one I had to seek out a Silhouette employee & ask how it was created. I was lucky enough to grab the right person & it turned out she made it, so I was able to get the information from the artist. Hint: It is created with Silhouette Shrink Plastic.
I am looking forward to seeing this in more detail on the Silhouette 101 blog soon.

SilSecrets_Earrings copy

And, these fabulous earrings were made with Silhouette Shrink Plastic too!
I am just amazed at all the possibilities & ideas. Check out the Silhouette 101 blog HERE to see how these are created.
I mean WOW!

SilSecrets_Alta copy

The Silhouette Alta 3D printer is not a machine I currently have in my collection. But after seeing so many projects created with it & the new features being released on the 3-D software, I am pretty sure the Silhouette 3-D software will find it’s way to my computer in the near future
(maybe after I’m done teaching at the All Things Silhouette Conference in June).

SilSecrets_Trex copy

Did I say amazing projects? Take a look at these flowers!!!

SilSecrets_Flowers copy

Fabulous projects of all medias & categories!

SilSecrets_HTV Shirt copy

Now while the release of new products is exciting news, the best part of Silhouette Summit for me is….
the people!
Connecting with those I have met along the way, meeting many face to face that I’ve only conversed with online, and making new connections too!
This is priceless to me and I cherish it more than words can describe.

My traveling companions, friends and colleagues
Libby Ashcraft, Julie Huggins & Lycia Evanoff.

I turn around and ask some random strangers in my excursion group to include me in their sunscreen spray and they happen to see my tote bag I made for the trip. It takes a lot for me to decide on a design for items for myself and then you have a moment like this where you meet the 2 designers that you used to create it. Sophie Gallo is the designer of the Hibiscus Monogram – Design #135110 and Rivka Wilkins is the designer of the Monogram Script font.
I mean how cool is that! It was a highlight of my day!

Excursion day at Sea Life Park with friends – Libby Ashcraft, Jared Barbosa – Heat Press Nation & Julie Huggins

Photo with: Lycia Evanoff, Lori Whitlock, Julie Huggins, Libby Ashcraft

Photo with Lia Griffith who has amazing paper flowers – find her on Instagram HERE

Photo with Lori Whitlock & Mr. Yasutaka Arakawa, President & CEO of Silhouette America

I met so many more fabulous people than just pictured above & if you have ever gathered together with other Silhouette users, it is a energizing experience.

It was an amazing opportunity to grow my Silhouette Ohana!

And what gorgeous views!

SilSecrets_Coast1 copy


SilSecrets_Coast3 copy

And I can’t forget these friends I made at the Sea Life Park.



When I attended the TJC Licensing in Sept 2016, I did not know where it would take me… I have met so many great people & made life long friends through it all.

Photo with: Lycia Evanoff, Mandy Graham – Sparkleberry Ink, Terri Johnson – Terri Johnson Creates, Libby Ashcraft & Julie Huggins

It was my dream to attend Silhouette Summit & I am grateful for that opportunity!
Thank you Silhouette America!
What an amazing memory!

Summit photo

I can’t wait to share all the new Silhouette products with everyone & continue to share my love of Silhouette & all the amazing things it can do.

Waikiki shore copy

Now, while not everyone could be on the shores of Waikiki, the All Things Silhouette conference is coming up quickly & it is an unforgettable experience.
Less than 3 weeks now, so after that little break in Hawaii, it’s back to work I go.
The All Things Silhouette Conference has classes taught by Silhouette industry leaders – many of whom attended Silhouette Summit, chances to meet Silhouette staff, vendor shopping, make & takes, and a first glimpse at some of the new products being released in the Fall of 2019.
I hope to see you there!


Feel free to post your comments and questions below or on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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14 thoughts on “Silhouette Summit 2019 Show & Tell”

  1. It was exciting to learn about the new products, but you had us see what you did WITH the new products. Thank you for showing us new ideas.


  2. Thank you for all the info @Silhouette Secrets. It is amazing what Silhouette even with a comparatively small footprint has achieved.
    Your blog post was really interesting, I think my favorite part was the pictures of you and your friends.
    Thank you again Jerri. ❤️


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