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Let’s Explore v4 – Preferences – Tools

When you use the drawing tools in the Silhouette Studio software, does every click of your mouse continue to draw another shape?

Did you know that you can change this behavior within the software?

Click on the Preferences icon in the bottom right corner of the Design Tab or click on the Edit option in the top left menu & choose Preferences.

Preferences copy

Then choose the Tools tab at the top of the Preferences window.

If the software continues to draw shapes with each click of the mouse, this preference can be found under the “Action After Tool Use” section of the Tools tab.

After drawing Tools

I change the After Creating a Shape and the After Drawing Freehand to “Choose Select” then choose Apply and Ok.

Choose Select

Now when you choose a Drawing Tool or the Line Drawing Tool, it will go back to the selection arrow instead of continuing to draw shapes.

Tip: I keep the Eraser and the Knife tool as “Continue Using” because typically I will continue using the eraser or knife. I have the After Using Zoom set to “Choose Select” because I don’t want each click of my mouse to keep zooming in on the design. I prefer to have my selection tool again and if I need to zoom in more, I will choose zoom again.

Sometimes these defaults can get reset in the software, but after you know what they are and how to adjust them, you can easily go in and change it to what you prefer.

Each user will have a preference on how they like to work in the software. I prefer to draw one shape and then have the selection arrow as my next option as I am rarely drawing more than 1 of an item at a time when I’m designing.

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