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Let’s Explore v4 – Software update – POST UPDATED

UPDATE 9-30-19:
A new version v4.3.264 was released on September 27, 2019 and has fixed several of the bugs listed in the information below.
I have been getting great feedback that the bugs that were affecting all users have been fixed and I feel much more comfortable recommending this version than previous v4.3 version.
As always, if you decide to update and you run into something you feel is off or not working properly, feel free to post on my Facebook group and we may have more information for you.
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae
As with all software, there are bumps in the road and sometimes these bumps do not come out until it is being used by many more users than just the Beta group.
Please know that Silhouette America works very hard to correct these when they are found and investigate why they are happening. However, if they do not know there is an issue, they cannot fix it. That is why the Beta team tests things, watches for user issues, and asks for more information.

While some of the information below is specific to the update released on 9-23-19, there is also a lot of details listed that are good information for users to be aware of.
Please continue to read below and feel free to ask questions!

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Yesterday, September 23, 2019, a new Silhouette Studio update was released. I wanted to give my readers a little bit of information on this update.

This v4.3.254 update has been released since the new Cameo 4 machines have started shipping.

SA software update copy.jpg

It can be found on the Silhouette America website under the Software button in the top right corner.

So here are a few questions I am seeing:

Why was v4.3.254 released?
This version was released because if you are a Silhouette Cameo 4 owner, it is needed in order for the Cameo 4 and all it’s features to be recognized in the software. If you do not install this version as a Cameo 4 owner, the software will not recognize that a Cameo 4 has been plugged in.

Should I update?
Unless you have a Cameo 4 machine, I would suggest as of today (September 24, 2019) that you DO NOT update the software. This version is for Cameo 4 users and I do not feel it is necessary if you do not have a Cameo 4 machine.

If I have a Cameo 4, do I need to update?
Yes, all Cameo 4 users will need to update to this v4.3.254 in order for the Cameo 4 to be recognized.

Why are you not recommending to update for all users?
There are some bugs that are in this software version that unless you need this version for the Cameo 4 access, you may not want to mess with it.
The software has added additional features for Cameo 4 usage and these are not needed for other users who do not have a Cameo 4 to plug in.

I expect that there will be several more updates to this v4.3 software coming in the next few weeks as more and more are using it and reporting the issues. So I am currently suggesting that if you do not have a Cameo 4, there is no need to update until some of those things are addressed.

I am a MAC user, is this version 64 bit?
Yes, this version is a 64 bit version. However, unless you are using the Catalina OS on your MAC, you should still be able to use the 32 bit software version you are on now and be ok.

How do I update the software?
If you choose to do so, I would suggest updating the software directly through the website for the best results.
You an access the Software download HERE and the v4.3.254 is now listed as the current version.
Again, I will say that for the average user, if you do not have a Cameo 4 machine, I suggest waiting to update for a little bit until the kinks are working out.

What do I do if it already installed on my computer and I want to go back?
You will need to uninstall the Silhouette software from your computer programs and reinstall a Legacy version.

Legacy version copy.jpg

I have been using v4.2.471 for several months now and it is working well.
I also used v4.2.279 prior to that and it worked well too!

What are some of the issues that users are experiencing?
This is affecting users in different ways. I am seeing some reports of cutting issues, machines acting odd, Autoblade is no longer the default tool, unable to adjust cut settings, etc.

Some of these will affect users no matter what model of Silhouette machine that they have and this is why I am recommending at this time that if you do not have a Cameo 4, not to update to v4.3.254 just yet.

Why are there bugs?
All software has bugs. There is not a software program I have used yet that is “bug-less”, it just may not affect every user.
For instance, my Android FB app updated a few times in the last few weeks, since those updates, I’ve been having issues posting from my phone on FB because it’s confused whether to post from my Business Page person or my personal person. It is set correctly in the app, but still isn’t working correctly.
It is not just Silhouette software that has a “bug” or two.

How is this version different than other versions of Silhouette Studio?
Each release of the Silhouette software that goes to public access has a list of “Notes” that you can view on the website.

SA software update notes copy

This v4.3.254 version has a lot of “Notes”. From the Software page on the Silhouette website, click on the “Notes” link on the right side of the Current version.

Some of these bug fixes that are listed, the average user may not have ever known were present in the software and they may not have been in a version that was released to the public. They may have only been present in the closed or public Beta version.

How do I know this information?
There are many sources that I come across the information I am sharing with you. One is that I am in the Silhouette Studio Beta testing group and have access to the closed Beta software releases. The Beta group is testing the software as they release new updates and we can hopefully catch some of the issues that might present themselves. We report these back the Silhouette software team for review.

I also have a great working relationship with Silhouette and there are times I am glad I do because I can report an issue before it might affect too many users.

Another way I learn where an issue might be is from you!
I observe many Facebook pages and groups, get emails from users, messages, etc. I try to watch out for issues that may affect the average user and troubleshoot those as I come across them.
I’ve been asked several times how I know these things? I am studying this daily and it is what I do as a Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Silhouette Instructor.
I try to stay on top of the information out there, so I can share that with all of you and hopefully save you some headache.

Where can I get a Cameo 4?
There are a couple places I would recommend for a Cameo 4 machine.
Silhouette America
Swing Design
Heat Press Nation
All of these are companies that I have purchased from and have a relationship with and would highly recommend.
Shipping times vary for all retailers. Please see their websites for the most up-to-date information.

Do I need a Cameo 4?
Only you can answer this. It is going to be an awesome machine with even more features as some of the kinks are worked out. It will take time to learn the new features and the best way to do that is to play, play, play.
This machine has just been released, so it will be around for awhile.
For more information on the Cameo 4 or other questions you might ask yourself check out this post – Cameo 4 – PreOrderHERE.
There will be a lot more information coming out as more and more users get their Cameo 4 machines and start playing with it.

Please note, this information is current as of today, September 24, 2019.
And as I have typed this post out, a new Open Beta version was released.

Software update 2 copy

So that means one final question I see asked.
What is the Beta version?
The Beta version on the Silhouette America website is a test version. I only recommend the Beta version for experienced users. This is a publicly released version that may still have bugs in it and they encourage anyone that is using it to please report those possible bugs back to Silhouette. This is why I only recommend it for an experienced user. If you are new to the software, you may not know what is a bug and what may be acting normally.
You just never know what you may encounter. For a new user, I want you to have the best experience possible, so I strongly suggest not to use a Beta version.
Again, I cannot stress this enough.
The Beta version is a TEST version that could have unknown bugs in it.

With the Beta version, it is unknown how it might react for all users, so there are warning messages that pop up when you first open the software that you have to acknowledge you understand that it is a Beta version.
This is to make sure you are aware that it is a Beta “test” version.

As I said above, I do expect that there will be software updates for the v4.3 software coming on a regular basis in the next few weeks as things are worked out and users are reporting more issues.
If you do not own a Cameo 4, I would sit tight on the version you are currently using.

You will find the latest software information direct on the Silhouette America website.

I hope this answers some questions for you!

I would love to see how you are using your Silhouette machines!
Feel free to post on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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