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Upcoming All Things Silhouette Conference

Boy this last year has sure thrown a kink in all kinds of conferences and events. I do miss teaching at the in-person events.
But, we have to find a bright side to this situation too and it has pushed things into a virtual environment more and more. This means that even though we cannot get together in person, we are still now able to bring you Silhouette classes – in even more depth and with more information. The great part about the virtual environment is we are not bound by specific class times.

The next All Things Silhouette conference has been announced for May 21-23, 2021 and it will be another virtual conference. And while I am super bummed about not being able to be in-person and feel the excitement from all the conference energy (believe me, it is a real thing), I do love being able to still teach because I can share much more information than in an in-person 1 hour and 15 minutes set time limit.

There are 16+ classes that are all part of this next All Things Silhouette Conference.
And bonus classes too!!!
I can’t spill the beans on the bonus classes, but all the details for the 16 classes have been announced and I am excited to be able to actually attend classes too!

Yes! I still learn new things every day, even though I’ve been teaching as a TJC Silhouette Instructor for the past 4 years! There is so much to learn and I do not think that any one person can retain everything about everything in the Silhouette software.
Just when you think you might, they release new stuff!

I will be teaching a live class on Friday, May 21, 2021 on sketch pens –
Sketch pens and Sketch Design Class.
This class is almost full, so if you are wanting to get in on it, I would highly recommend signed up for the Ultimate ATS Experience quickly.

Please note that class projects may vary from those pictured above.

And, I’ve been working on this one for awhile now, so I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching a class on
Cutting Leather with the Cameo 4 and the 3 mm Kraft blade.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been testing – please note, these are all test designs and the actual class files may vary.

I’m so excited for this line-up of the All Things Silhouette Virtual Conference!

Now, how do you register?
Click on this link HERE and you will find all the details, as well as the link to download a detailed description of the 4 different Ultimate Pre-day live classes that you can choose from.

And, before you ask. Yes! You get all 16 of the regular All Things Silhouette conference classes with your registration no matter whether you register for the Standard or the Ultimate experience.
The time you have to view the classes does vary depending on your choice.
ATS Standard Attendance – access until July 31, 2021
ATS Ultimate Experience – access until September 30, 2021

Check out all the details HERE!

I hope you will join us for this weekend of Silhouette creating & learning!
If you sign up, please comment below or let me know on the
Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook group.
I’ll be on all weekend during the live Zoom conference calls and be available by Facebook to troubleshoot and answer questions!

While the situation we are in world-wide might be a bummer, we can still keep on learning & creating with our Silhouette software and machines.
Stay safe Silhouette Secrets+ readers!

Save this for future reference by pinning the image below.

I hope to see you there!

SS Logo snip it

Check out all of my online Silhouette classes on my Teachable site HERE.

**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming All Things Silhouette Conference”

  1. Yay!! Just signed up for the VIP pass and I am so excited, I can’t even stand it! I wish I could’ve gotten in on your sketch class…. boo!


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