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Back-to-School Goody Bags with Siser DTV

Today I wanted to share the Back-to-School goody bags that I made up for my kids friends group! They have been a hit!

This is something that could easily be done for teachers, birthday gifts, girls night out, teenager go bags, a moms gift, or many more ideas!

I loaded these up with a few fun goodies for the kids to enjoy. Not necessarily to take to school with them, but just to have for fun.

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I’ve been having lots of fun with this Siser DTV printable heat transfer vinyl and had to give it a try on the canvas bags.

Siser EasyColor DTV can be used with a home inkjet printer and is vinyl, not paper.
It can be found at authorized Siser Distributors and has been very popular since it’s release a few weeks ago.
Here are a few suppliers that I recommend:
Expressions Vinyl
H & H Sign Supply
Sparkleberry Ink – use code SILSECRETS to save 10%
The Vinyl Spectrum

DO NOT forget to add the TTD Easy Mask to your order also if you are planning to do a print and cut around designs. Solid color designs do not need the mask, but if your design has multiple pieces, you do need the mask to transfer it to your garment.

Check out my YouTube channels at Silhouette Secrets+ & Swift Creek Customs for more information and demos on the Siser EasyColor DTV.

Supplies used for this project:
Siser EasyColor DTV – printable heat transfer vinyl
Cotton canvas zipper bags
PixelCraft Color Font by Illustration Ink – Design #316342
PickPocket Color Font by Illustration Ink – Design #330129
Lint roller
Heat Press or other heat source
– Assorted Goodies to fill the bags

My daughter picked out the Color fonts to use for the boys and girls bags. If you have never used Color Fonts before, they are fun to play with.
Check out the Let’s Explore v4 – Color Fonts tutorial HERE.

I set up the design as a print and cut project and rotated the names to fit as many as I could on the page.

Print and cut is one of my favorite things to do with Silhouette. The color fonts are designed for print and cut projects and are not individual cut pieces.
Grab some and start playing!

For more tips on Print and Cut, check out these new videos I released on YouTube

I would highly recommend when working with a product such as the Siser DTV which has a white background, that you utilize the Print Bleed feature in the Silhouette software. This adds a bit of color (called a bleed) around the outside edge of the design, so when you cut around the image, you shouldn’t be left with a white edge.
Each design will vary in what print bleed distance works and looks good.

As a note: print bleed is currently broken in the v4.4.9xx series of software versions as of this publishing date. I mention this a few times in the video tutorials above.
You can always create your own print bleed by using the Offset Tool around your design. Adjust the distance of the offset as needed and fill it with color.

I would recommend software version v4.4.554 found under the Legacy section if you do want a version that it works properly in.

After printing, I weeded the designs. The Siser EasyColor DTV weeds so smooth with a good cut – it really is like butter.

Next is to cut apart.

Time to mask and press each of the names to the bags. I used a folded up towel inside the zipper bags to help bump up the area being pressed so the seams did not interfere with the pressure on the DTV.

Then I lint rolled the bags, hung the edge of the zipper off the edge of the heat press platen, pre-pressed the bag, and then pressed the Siser DTV onto the bag using the recommended settings from the Siser website.

I am using a Craft Pro 15″ x 15″ heat press with a slide out bottom platen.
I love this thing!


Fill the bag with goodies and gift it to someone!

The Siser EasyColor mask can be reused if no color has transferred from the print or fibers from the garment. I knew to watch for the ink, but the fibers caught me off guard. These black canvas bags, even when lint rolled, left fibers on the mask. These fibers then will transfer over to the next image being pressed.
Just something to keep in mind!

I shared this in my recent
5 Tips for using Siser EasyColor DTV – Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl
video too!

These gift bags could be customized with regular htv, glitter htv, rhinestones, or even a combination of materials too!

Check out the Creating a Rhinestone Design in Silhouette Studio video class HERE.

What would you use these gift bags for?
Leave a comment below or share on the Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

Save this for future reference by pinning the image below.

Enjoy !

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**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

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