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Online Video Classes

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Current classes available:
Basic Acrylic Etching with the Silhouette Curio
Cutting & Layering HTV in Silhouette Studio
Glass Etching with Silhouette
Heat Transfer Paper Print & Cut lesson with Silhouette
Creating a vinyl decal & layering vinyl using the Silhouette software
Creating a Knockout Design with HTV and Bonus HTV & Subtracting
Creating a Rhinestone Design in Silhouette Studio

Silhouette lessons

Private lessons are $35 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.
Lessons can also be done by conference call (if internet access allows).

An invoice will be emailed to you & payment in advance is required.

Lessons can be tailored to questions you have or projects you are working with.
Or you can choose from lessons I’ve already recorded.

Please email me at to discuss lesson options.


From Silhouette America

“As the popularity of Silhouette machines continues to grow, more and more people feel the need for ‘hands-on’ help in learning to get the most from their machines. In recognizing and understanding the need for further hands-on training, Terri Johnson has developed the Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing Program. This program provides Instructor Licensees the tools and curriculum needed to return to their home areas and provide lessons & events throughout the country. Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing Program is an independent program not audited by Silhouette America, which is created & taught by Terri Johnson Creates. Silhouette America supports Terri Johnson Creates through sponsorship and products, and encourages her efforts to promote and provide training solutions through her independent Instructor Licensing Program.”
Brian Hubler
Chief Operating Officer
Silhouette America, Inc.

 **The content on this site is my personal instruction as a TJC Licensed Silhouette Instructor and is not affiliated with Silhouette America. Silhouette America supports the TJC Licensed Instructor Program.

***Want to learn more about becoming a Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Silhouette Instructor? Click HERE.

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