Student Testimonies

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This is an absolutely excellent tutorial. EllyMae explains everything wonderfully, she understands not only the software and the machine but has a great understanding for the computer as well. She explains so that you can understand how and why everything needs to work together to get the most out of our machines. I have been designing for a few years now and it is amazing the tips I learnt about the software. I will be taking more classes as I am hoping to master the software lol. – Paulette G. (3/22)

The course is very informative, perfectly paced, details are discussed multiple times, easy to follow. I look forward to taking other classes! -JoAnn F. (12/21)

Great class! Instruction is clear, easy to understand, and Ellymae ensures you can see what she is discussing in the video. I’ll definitely be taking more classes! -Charlene P. (11/21)

New user with a cameo 3. I found it very helpful and the teaching was well illustrated and very easy to follow and understand. – Monica H.

ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS CLASS! All things are explained very well and is easy to understand and learn. – Christy G.

Elly Mae is a great instructor and shows you step by step how to accomplish what you need to do. I took the Curio Etching Class and feel that the time spent was well worth the time and money. I hope to use some other of her videos to further my knowledge. Be sure and read what you need for the class. I failed to read about the templates and didn’t purchase those and so was a little lost, but then realized that she was using the design template for the coaster file and not the file that came with the purchase. I was able to still etch a coaster though. -Darlene N

I would recommend buying EllyMae Habets beginner class. The best $10 you will ever spend. The silhouette software amazes me everyday. I have lost count how many times I have watched and re-watched it. – Paulette G.

The beginner course was great; very helpful. – CM

This was a great course. Clear, detailed and well presented. Highly recommend. – Ruth B.

Beginner Setups and First Cuts I wish I had watched this 3 months ago when I first started using my Cameo 4. I know that I will keep reviewing the excellent information until it becomes second nature. – Priscilla

You are a great instructor and give very detailed directions as well as showing what you are talking about. I’m new to the Curio and taking this course has helped me understand it a little better. -Darlene N

I have had a Silhouette for 6+ years. I am planning on being a licensed instructor soon. I purchased this course to see what I might need to teach others as beginners. Even though I have had a machine for several years, I still learned things from this course. I only wish I had this course when I bought my first Silhouette. It would have saved me many hours of trials and headaches. EllyMae makes everything very understandable and gives easy to follow directions. This was well worth the money and I highly encourage others to purchase it…if only for reminders and great tips! -Laurie B

Elly-Mae is a clear and organized instructor. She works with you step-by-step so you can follow along. I’ve met with her twice for one-to-one sessions and both meetings have been really invaluable. I’m learning more skills each time that will be useful to my projects. I really appreciate knowing she’s there to help me get “unstuck” when I can’t figure something out on my own. I look forward to my next meeting with her! – Rachna J.

“It is a great explanation of the process- step by step instruction and provides the opportunity to revisit the course as you need!!!” – Felicia B.

“Great course. Very easy to follow. I got great results!” – Miriam

“One of the best courses that I have ever purchased (and I purchase a lot of them). The instructor is very detailed without being boring. The course includes where to purchase supplies, and why the instructor uses those particular supplies. She teaches you the what, the how and the why of the Silhouette software options that you are going utilize. She also describes how the Curio operates and how to set it up for this project. Additionally, Elly discusses several baffling scenarios that you might run into and how those situations can be resolved. I am supremely happy with the course.” – Marian

“I really appreciate how you explained everything in detail. Also how you provided a visual of the keyboard as you were talking. I will be purchasing more of your classes soon.”
– Cassandra M.

“Oh my gosh Elly Mae, you have taken the guess work out of learning my new Silhouette Cameo 4, and eliminated the stress and anxiety I experienced while trying to get to know how to work this machine. Your instructions are precise, and were so easy to follow. This was the best $10 I’ve spent lately. Thank you so much for your wonderful instruction!”
– Diane B.

Basic Acrylic Etching with the Silhouette Curio by EllyMae was excellent. – Cathi L.

All of the courses were very informative. – Monica B