How to Update your Software

Are you sure your software is up-to-date? If not, we will walk through the steps to check and to update if necessary.

Please note that there is an option under the Help menu that is “Check for Updates”.
This does NOT work – it is a bug in the software and it will tell you “No updates currently available”.

First, it’s always a good idea to create a back up of your library.

Creating a back up:
Click on your Library button – Then right click on Local User & choose Export ‘Local User’.

Export Library1 copy
Then choose where you want to save it.

You will need to do this again for the Cloud portion of the library.
Right click on the Email address in the library tree & choose Export.

Export Cloud copy
Choose where to save your “cloud” backup file.
I choose to rename my file to include the date & Cloud in the name.

To install a previous back up – Go to File – Library & Import Library.

Import Library copy

Which software do you have?
Go to Help & click on About Silhouette Studio.
It will tell you which version you have.

Update your software
Go to and click on Update Software.
Check which version of the software is out there & compare it to your program.
If you need to update, Click on the link for either Mac or Windows.
Then choose where to save the download file.

Software upgrade copy

If you would like to download a “Legacy” version (older) of the software, click on the Legacy Version(s) and it will expand with many options.

Software upgrade legacy copy

When you are ready to update your software, close your Silhouette program.
Then click on the Silhouette file you just downloaded and let it install.

If your library file does not appear, you can always go to File, then Library, Import Library.

If you have further issues with the download, I recommend trying again and if that doesn’t work, then contact Silhouette Customer service through the chat and see if they can help correct the issue.

Customer service is open M-F 8 am – 4 pm MST

Chat copy.jpg