Silhouette Studio Updates


Updates are software updates released by Silhouette America and are free.
Software updates are released for many reasons, such as fixing bugs, adding new features, or when new machines are released, etc.

Updates are completely different than an upgrade, which is a code you pay for to release additional features in the software.

I do NOT always recommend updating immediately after an update is released. However, there are certain times after gathering specific data from the user, I may recommend an update. Each case of troubleshooting is different.

As a Beta tester and troubleshooter, I do see issues come up before the public release of the software version.
The #1 thing I can tell you is…..
It affects each user differently. A bug or issue may not affect all users.
Why? A lot of times it’s because we all use different computers and there is NO WAY to test it with every brand of computer and component that makes up each brand/version/model of computer.

AND…. both Windows and MAC release new OS updates all the time that hit user’s computers at different times. They DO NOT release these in advance to software companies for testing. So you never know what can happen. This can affect all kinds of software programs, not just Silhouette – but because you use the Silhouette software, that is what you see it affected because that’s the program you are currently using.

How to Update Silhouette Studio

Go directly to the website and click on Software – Get Software

Go to the Silhouette America website HERE

Click on the Software Menu header at the top

Click Get Software

If you want the current version of the software, you can download it here.

Legacy Version

To find Legacy versions click on Learn More

Click on Download Legacy Versions

Choose which Legacy version you want to install

If you are a Windows user, you will need to uninstall the current version to download a legacy version. There is a way to download multiple versions, but I do not recommend it for all users. If you’d like to see how, I’d recommend checking out this tutorial from Kelly Wayment at Finding Time to Create. It is a bit complicated, so I don’t recommend it unless you are familiar with your computer.
For MAC users, you can easily have multiple versions installed on the computer. Just make sure to name each one differently in the Applications folder, so you know which one you are opening.


Did you know you can turn the “Check for updates” off?
In the Silhouette Studio software
1. Click the Preferences gear icon in the bottom right corner.
2. Click the Updates tab at the top.
3. Change the “Check for updates” to Never.

I highly recommend that you do!!!

If you get a pop up that it has already downloaded to your computer – click LATER on the pop up window and when you want to update do so from the website direct.

What about updating in the future?
Go directly to the website and click on Software – Get Software – READ the release notes and decide if you want to update.
Look at the date the update was released.
I always give it some time after a release has come out to see how it’s going to react to other’s computers first. 😉

Enjoy !

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