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Silhouette America Website Updates

Silhouette America has recently updated their website and as can happen with updates, menus have changed on the site.

Written 2/27/2022
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Here is a brief glance at the Silhouette America website but if you scroll down on the website, there is more information and project photos they have included.

One of the changes is how to find “legacy” versions of the software.

What are legacy versions?

Legacy versions are older versions of the software. This is an awesome feature that Silhouette America has because you are never forced to update. When a new version is released, if your software is set to check for updates, it will ask you if you want to install now or later.

I would recommend always choose later and if you are going to update, do so from the Silhouette America website directly.

How to Find Legacy Versions

Go to the Silhouette America website HERE

Click on the Software Menu header at the top

Click Get Software

If you want the current version of the software, you can download it here.

I do not always recommend the current version of the software for all users. It really just depends on what machine model you are using, if you are a Windows or MAC user, if you are currently having issues, and other factors can play into it.
If you have a question regarding what version we are recommending at this time, please feel free to post on the Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook group and we can make a recommendation.

To find Legacy versions click on Learn More

Click on Download Legacy Versions

Choose which Legacy version you want to install

If you are a Windows user, you will need to uninstall the current version to download a legacy version. There is a way to download multiple versions, but I do not recommend it for all users. If you’d like to see how, I’d recommend checking out this tutorial from Kelly Wayment at Finding Time to Create. It is a bit complicated, so I don’t recommend it unless you are familiar with your computer.
For MAC users, you can easily have multiple versions installed on the computer. Just make sure to name each one differently in the Applications folder, so you know which one you are opening.

Take a look around the new Silhouette America website!

If you are shopping on the Silhouette America site click


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Have any questions, feel free to post questions on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

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Enjoy !

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