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Silhouette Cutting Strip

There are several things you can do for your Silhouette machine maintenance. In 2021, I published a tutorial on several things you can do to keep your machines in good condition. Check out the Silhouette Machine Maintenance tutorial HERE. One of those things I touched on was the cutting strip on the Silhouette machines. I… Continue reading Silhouette Cutting Strip


Silhouette Design Tab PDF Diagram

Just dropping in for a quick refresher on the PDF Diagram of the Design Tab in the Silhouette Studio software. Download this to your computer and open it.Then click on the blue links to be taken to more in-depth information on each of the tools or features. Print it for a visual reference while working… Continue reading Silhouette Design Tab PDF Diagram

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New! Start Here – A to Z

Lots of things happening behind the scenes, which means that things are happening, but I can't share until they are ready to publish. One of those things has been on my to-do list much longer than I want to admit. That is a site map for the Silhouette Secrets+ blog. I have been writing tutorials… Continue reading New! Start Here – A to Z

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Print and Cut as a Pattern in Silhouette

Just a quick post to send a note on a new YouTube video tutorial I just released today. This is Part 2 to the Triple Mat Card using Silhouette Studio tutorial I posted last week. If you have not viewed that tutorial yet, I would recommend checking it out first.Find it HERE. Affiliate links may… Continue reading Print and Cut as a Pattern in Silhouette

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Triple Mat Card with Silhouette

I love being able to recreate just about anything in the Silhouette Studio software! I've seen the triple mat technique in the stamping community for many, many years and even created cards with stamps using this same effect. Today we are going to take a look at how we can easily recreate this look with… Continue reading Triple Mat Card with Silhouette

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New Silhouette video tutorial

Just a quick note to let you know I released a new Silhouette video tutorial this week. Check out how to create this triple mat stacked look in Silhouette Studio on my YouTube channel HERE Check out the description on the video for links to the supplies used in the video and more information on… Continue reading New Silhouette video tutorial

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3 ways to distress the edges of a photo

Have you ever wanted to soften the edges of a photo or distress the edges of a photo so it's not such a sharp edge? Blue words in this tutorial are linked to more information on that particular topic. Click on the word and it will open a new window with a tutorial on that… Continue reading 3 ways to distress the edges of a photo

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New Silhouette Class Released

Creating a Custom Knockout Design in Silhouette Studio New Silhouette class available on my Teachable site HERE. This class is one I created for the May 2022 All Things Silhouette Conference and it was a hit! The attendees took the class ideas and ran with it. I loved seeing all of their creations and it… Continue reading New Silhouette Class Released

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Etched Acrylic Décor Class Released

New! I've just released the a new Silhouette Curio class on my Teachable site! Etched Acrylic Decor with the Silhouette Curio Not only do we set up to etch on acrylic, but I also share how to cut adhesive vinyl on the Curio and why I added it onto this project. Check it out HERE… Continue reading Etched Acrylic Décor Class Released