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Let’s Explore v4 – Edit Points

Have you seen Edit points before?
Do they intimidate you?
Well let’s see if we can change that.

What are Edit points?

Edit points are basically the data points the Silhouette reads to make a particular shape of the object. Each edit point has qualities on how it is supposed to act such as straight line, corner, curved, etc. and this is how a shape is made up.

Edit Points copy

The edit points will come up on an object if you double click on the object or use the keyboard shortcut letter “A” with the object selected.

If you draw a circle, it is made up of 4 edit points.

Circle edit points copy

A square also has 4 edit points but the type of edit point are different than the above circle.

Square edit points copy

By clicking on an edit point, you can see what property it has in the Point Editing Panel.

Why Edit points Might Not Show

In order for the edit points to appear, the object has to be a single object and an ungrouped object.

For instance, if I type out text, it is not treated as a design. So the edit points won’t appear.

If it is converted to a path, the edit points still will not appear because even though it’s acting as a design, it is still grouped together. If the design is ungrouped the edit points will appear because all the pieces are now separate.

Ungrouped copy

Or if the design is made into a Compound Path, then the edit points will appear.

Compound Path copy

Altering Edit Points

There are many ways to change the edit points.

By clicking on an existing point, it turns white, indicating that it is the point selected.

Selected point copy

It will tell you what kind of edit point it is. This one is a corner. Grab the blue squares on either end and this will adjust the outcome of this edit point.

Selected point moved copy

To select multiple edit points, hold down the Shift key & drag the selection box around all the points you would like to select. Then make changes to a group of edit points all at one time by moving or choosing a new property for those selected.

Select multiples copy

All edit points that are selected will show as white points.

Point Editing Panel

When the editing points are active, the Point Editing Panel should pop up or click on the Edit Points tool on the left side menu.

Point Edit Tool copy

This panel has many options for how you can alter an edit point(s). The name of each tells you exactly what behavior it will have.
Each design you work with will react differently to what is changed.

Edit Points Panel copy

Remember, edit points are the data points that your Silhouette software relays to your Silhouette machine to connect the cut.

The Cameo machine needs to hit every single one of those edit points in order to make the cut. Some files such as dxf files or traced images can have lots of edit points and this can make the Cameo sound odd when cutting. The Cameo is not broken, but has to connect each of those edit points to make the cut.

Simplifying Edit Points

Some files can have the edit points simplified without changing the look of the design.
For instance, this Leafy Mandala by Rhonna Farrer from the Silhouette Design Store has a lot of edit points when I first opened it.

Leafy Mandal edit points original copy

In the Edit Points Panel, select Simplify.

Simplify copy

You should notice less edit points in the design.

Leafy Mandal edit points simplified copy

In this case, the design did not change in the look at all, but the edit points are now much less.

Leafy Mandal comparison copy

The best way to learn how edit points act is to find a design and just play around with the different options.

While they can look intimidating when they pop up on the screen, once you understand their purpose and how they work, I think it makes it seems a lot less daunting when you see them.

Designs used in this post are from the Silhouette Design Store:
#MoreCoffee by Kolette Hall – Design #179647
Leafy Mandala by Rhonna Farrer – Design #215137

Feel free to post your comments and questions below or on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

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23 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Edit Points”

  1. I love the edit points. I call them nodes i use them all the time to alter files and make them cut smoother and faster


  2. I have text from a logo I am trying to curve onto a tumbler but when I click the text the editing points come up?! I’m not sure what I need to do to get the text in the correct format to create a curve?


    1. To curve for a conical shaped cup, you would use the Conical Warp feature –
      If you are wanting the text to be conformed to a path, such as a circle, that is called Text to Path and can only be done in text edit mode (when you type the text out yourself) – here is how that works –
      Hopefully one of those 2 tools will help you!


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