Let’s Explore v4 – How to open an svg file

I see many questions regarding .svg files come up across the Silhouette world, so let's take a look at it. What is a svg file? A .svg is a Scalable Vector Graphic. But what does that mean to a Silhouette user? It is a cut file that you can resize without losing image quality. How … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – How to open an svg file

Tips on Silhouette Studio Updates

I see so many questions regarding Silhouette Studio Updates, so let's discuss some information about a software update. Update vs Upgrade First, a Silhouette Studio update is different than a Studio upgrade. A¬†Silhouette software upgrade is a product you can purchase that unlocks additional features in the Silhouette software. There are 3 levels: Designer Edition, … Continue reading Tips on Silhouette Studio Updates

Let’s Explore v4 – Conical Warp Panel

Conical Warp - What is it? Conical warp shapes your design given the dimensions that you enter to fit the conical object you are trying to place a design on. A conical shape is one that is smaller at one end than the other, like a cup. Have you ever tried to place a vinyl … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Conical Warp Panel

Let’s Explore v4 – Advanced Rhinestones

There are so many neat features of the Silhouette Studio software as you move up in the software upgrades. The Advanced Rhinestone Panel is an option if you have the Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition upgrade. At first glance or if you read the standard description, it may not seem like much of a … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Advanced Rhinestones