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Creating 4 Eclipse Cards in Silhouette Studio

Eclipse cards - have you seen them?This is a technique that has been around the card making community for quite some time and seems to be making a comeback lately. In April, I released a video tutorial on the Swift Creek Customs YouTube channel sharing how you can create these cards in the Siser Leonardo… Continue reading Creating 4 Eclipse Cards in Silhouette Studio

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Sublimation Coffee Mugs with Silhouette

I am so glad I added a sublimation printer into my craft studio! It can be an investment and while I don't use it daily, it does come in handy. Especially for gifts! If you are not familiar with the sublimation process, I have several tutorials on the website HERE that explain it more in-depth.… Continue reading Sublimation Coffee Mugs with Silhouette

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Drawing Designs using Object to Path & Tools in Silhouette Studio

This past week there was a question on my Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook Group and I was working on my computer so did a quick video tutorial on how they could accomplish the design they wanted.Several asked if there was a way to save that video so I re-recorded it and put it up on the… Continue reading Drawing Designs using Object to Path & Tools in Silhouette Studio


Silhouette Studio & a New Computer

New computer - Now what? Are you a Silhouette owner and just got a new computer? Not sure where to go from there? It is pretty easy to get setup and running with a new computer and I'm going to share a few tips. First when you get a new computer, be prepared that it… Continue reading Silhouette Studio & a New Computer


Silhouette “Secret” to Working with an Uncolored Design

Have you ever opened up a design file and it was not filled with color or did not look like the thumbnail image of the design? Today I'm sharing a quick video tutorial on the Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube channel on how you can easily work with these types of files and why they may open… Continue reading Silhouette “Secret” to Working with an Uncolored Design


Silhouette Design Tab PDF Diagram

Just dropping in for a quick refresher on the PDF Diagram of the Design Tab in the Silhouette Studio software. Download this to your computer and open it.Then click on the blue links to be taken to more in-depth information on each of the tools or features. Print it for a visual reference while working… Continue reading Silhouette Design Tab PDF Diagram

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Triple Mat Card with Silhouette

I love being able to recreate just about anything in the Silhouette Studio software! I've seen the triple mat technique in the stamping community for many, many years and even created cards with stamps using this same effect. Today we are going to take a look at how we can easily recreate this look with… Continue reading Triple Mat Card with Silhouette

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New Silhouette video tutorial

Just a quick note to let you know I released a new Silhouette video tutorial this week. Check out how to create this triple mat stacked look in Silhouette Studio on my YouTube channel HERE Check out the description on the video for links to the supplies used in the video and more information on… Continue reading New Silhouette video tutorial


New feature – Export individual files

Quick post today sharing a new feature!I had previously shared this in a post about getting a new computer- find that HERE.But, I feel it also needs it's own blog post as well. Export User Designs from Silhouette Library – New Feature! If you have downloaded the current version or a version higher than v4.4.552,… Continue reading New feature – Export individual files

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Home Decor with Silhouette

Using the Silhouette Software to Help Design Home Décor I always have my eye out for things that I can use in creating with my Silhouette machine. Target had these little wooden houses available in their Dollar section. After debating with my inner self, I finally picked up a set.I always have this inner dialog… Continue reading Home Decor with Silhouette