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Sublimation without a Sublimation Printer – Yes, you can!

Did you know you can do sublimation WITHOUT having a sublimation printer? You can with the Artesprix Sublimation supplies! Sublimation with Artesprix This month I spent some time playing with all the different Artesprix Sublimation products and I'm sharing that with you on the Artesprix YouTube channel HERE. In this new video, I shared… Continue reading Sublimation without a Sublimation Printer – Yes, you can!

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Sublimation Coffee Mugs with Silhouette

I am so glad I added a sublimation printer into my craft studio! It can be an investment and while I don't use it daily, it does come in handy. Especially for gifts! If you are not familiar with the sublimation process, I have several tutorials on the website HERE that explain it more in-depth.… Continue reading Sublimation Coffee Mugs with Silhouette