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Let’s Explore v4 – Scale tab

Welcome back to Let’s Explore v4!

Today we are on to Tab 2 of the Transform Panel – the Scale tab. This is another tool I use almost every time I open my Silhouette program.

Just like almost all the other tools, there are many ways to do things in the software. While you can grab the corners of the Selection box and drag your design to the correct size, sometimes you need a more accurate measurement of your design.

Selection box copy
*I Craft Therefore I Hoard Phrase by Kolette Hall Design #152410

For instance, I am making these stencils for my husband to use in a woodworking project and he wants a maximum of 6.5 inches for the design, so it fits on the board he has. With the Transform Panel, it is possible to achieve this easily.

Stencil demo copy

Let’s take a look at the Scale Tab.

Scale tab details copy
  1. Scale by percent – There are a couple of preset percentages that you can choose for quick resizing of an object. Anything below 100% will decrease the size and higher than 100% increases the size.
    Scale percent
  2. Adjustable Scale – Highlight the number in the box and choose your custom percentage to resize the design.Resize custom percentage copy
  3. Apply – After changing the customized Scale option, click Apply (or hit Enter).
  4. Width – Highlight the numbers and replace or use the increase/decrease arrows  to a specific dimension.
  5. Height – This works the same as the width, highlight the numbers and replace or use the increase/decrease arrows Arrow up down copy to a specific dimension.
  6. Lock Aspect – This is a very important icon! The default is set to the unlock position. If you want to keep the proportions of a design the same when you resize it, click this icon to change it from unlocked Unlock copy to locked Locked copy.
    Specific dimensions copy

    What does that mean? If I change the Width of my design while it is unlocked, then it will adjust only the width of the design and I end up with some distorted shape the design. You can see here that now my state of Montana design, does not look how it should.Lock AspectVersus if I click on the Lock Aspect and lock it in, then it will adjust both the width and the height, keeping the proportions the same.

    Locked Aspect
    That makes quite a difference in the design.
  7. Apply – After making changes to the Width and Height you can click on Apply or hit Enter for the software to make the changes.

And now you have a better understanding the Scale Tab found under the Transform Panel in Silhouette Studio v4.

You can also find some of these tools in the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) at the top of you program when your design is selected. How it appears on your screen, will be dependent on your screen size and you will notice that each person’s varies for that reason.
Some of the tools will have a fly out box and others will be fully visible as my width & height are.

QAT copy

I hope you take a few minutes to check out this Scale panel and see what it’s all about!

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Enjoy !

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33 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Scale tab”

  1. I am new to Silhouette. I am trying to scale a monogram useing Specify Dimensions but I am not being able to luck and apply. Help 😣


    1. If you want the monogram to keep the same proportions, you would need to lock the aspect – click on the lock icon next to the H & W boxes.
      If you want to set specific dimensions for both H & W, leave it unlocked & change the dimensions, but know it may not be proportional.
      To get the most accurate measurement for text, you may need to right click & Convert to Path or weld. This will change the monogram from editable text to a design, meaning you can no longer edit the text. However, the design will have a more accurate measurement because it is only taking into account the empty space around each of letters…..


  2. Thank you thank you thank you. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to change the size of my square with the aspect button. Finally looked for youtube videos but no luck. I finally googled the question and your site came up. I have had my cameo for 5 years and don’t use it daily so when the new version came up I have struggled to use it. The tutorials are useless. I appreciate your time and effort to bring this info out simply and easy to understand. I’m sure there are other “beginners” like me who need this basic info. I appreciate you greatly.


    1. I agree! I have had V4 since it came out and I just read this and found out where the scale tool is. It’s so frustrating. When you type “Scale” in the users manual, nothing comes up. I really don’t like V4, so I keep V3 installed for when I need to do certain things. It should not be counter intuitive, I hate having to research every time I need a tool that I used to use all the time. So frustrating!


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