Let’s Explore v4 – Pixscan Panel

Now you may have noticed I skipped an icon as we were going down the right side of the Silhouette software. I wanted to get through the Tracing panel before we explored the Pixscan, since we will be using that feature here. The Pixscan Panel can be very useful if you are scanning an object … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Pixscan Panel

Let’s Explore v4 – Trace by Color

Last week, we started with the Trace Panel - Tab 1 which covers the Basic Tracing options. Now, we are moving on to Trace Panel - Tab 2: Trace by Color. This option is available if you have the Designer Edition upgrade (DE+ or BE). While the Silhouette Studio Basic software is available for free, I … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Trace by Color

Layering vinyl

Well, this week has been such a crazy week. Snow days, 2 hour delays and just life has gotten in the mix - I am sure I'm not the only one out there who has these weeks. I will have the Let's Explore v4 - Tracing Panel post out next week, make sure to check … Continue reading Layering vinyl

Let’s Explore v4 – Line Style Panel

Did you know you can change the line style of your designs in the Silhouette Studio? Today we are going to Explore the Line Style Panel which you can find on the right side of your v4 Silhouette Software program. First, I want to mention that you can change the default that your software Outlines … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Line Style Panel

Let’s Explore v4 – Fill Color Panel

Today we are going to explore the Fill Color Panel located on the right side of Silhouette Studio v4. I use this feature a lot when I design in the Silhouette software for many reasons. Now, understand that by filling a design with color, it does not cut in that color. The color you fill … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Fill Color Panel

Let’s Explore v4 – Registration Marks

Welcome back! Today we are talking something that I love to do - Print & Cut. We have explored Tab 1 - Page Setting and Tab 2 - Grid setting the last two weeks and now it's time to talk Tab 3 - Registration Marks. On the Page Setting Panel, the 3rd tab over is your … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Registration Marks

Let’s Explore v4 – Setup Panel – Tab 2

Welcome back to my new series "Let's Explore v4"! If you are just joining me you can check out my first post of the series HERE - about Tab 1 of the Page Setup Panel. Today I am going to be going through the features of Tab 2 on the Page Setup Panel in Silhouette … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Setup Panel – Tab 2

Glass etching with the Cameo

With the end of the school year also comes end of the year gifts for teachers, aides, bus drivers, and many others who have helped throughout the school year. I love having my Cameo to help me create a personalized gift to show my appreciation. I cut my stencil from Oracal 651 vinyl, apply it … Continue reading Glass etching with the Cameo

Glass cutting board design

This is a great project for a a great personalized gift. These glass cutting boards are textured on the top. Personally, I don't think they make a good cutting board as they are textured on top but it makes a great coaster in my craft room. Of course, if you have been following my blog or … Continue reading Glass cutting board design

Halloween decor – yes that’s right!

Halloween is of course several months in the past, but when you can pick something up on clearance.... why wait until next year to finish it. I found a couple signs at Target that were perfect to add vinyl to. I had a couple files from the Silhouette store & they were perfect for these..... … Continue reading Halloween decor – yes that’s right!