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Let’s Explore v4 – Replicate Panel

Want to make a copy of your design, font or an object? Then the Replicate Panel can be very helpful!

This is found on the right side of the Silhouette Studio v4.

Replicate panel copy

This tool works great if you are wanting to replicate several copies of your design. Let’s Explore the Replicate panel!

Replicate panel detailed copy

  1. Duplicate – Choose which way you want 1 copy of your design to replicate left, right, down or up.
  2. Rows or Columns – Choose to Replicate 2 copies right, 3 copies right, 2 copies down or 3 copies down.Replicate rows columns copy
  3. Fill Page – Choose to Replicate the design as many times as it takes to fill the page.Fill Page copy
  4. Mirror – Choose to Mirror 1 copy of the design down, up, left or right.MirrorSomething to note about the Replicate and Mirror tools above is that it may look like the designs are overlapped, however, they are placed just perfect so when you cut, it will cut both lines.Replicate placement As you can see in the photo above, there is no overlap in the cut lines and both copies will cut just fine.
  5. Rotate Copies – Choose to Replicate and rotate 1 copy, 2 copies, 3 copies or 5 copies.Rotate copies

The second tab under the Replicate Panel gives you even more options on choosing how many and where to replicate the design to.

Number of Copies tab copy

Number of Copies detailed copy

  1. Number of copies – Choose how many copies you would like to replicate of your design.
  2. Position of each Copy – Choose what direction you would like the copies to replicate in.
  3. Rotate each Copy – Choose a certain degree to replicate those copies to.Rotate number copies copyIn the photo above, I chose to make 3 copies, rotated to the right at 30 degrees. So each copy will rotate 30 degrees from the previous one.

There is so much that you can do with this Silhouette software and every time I open it, I love seeing what it can do.

The design I used in my example can be found in the May bundle at SoFontsy – it’s called Sports Ball Love/Mom Hearts by Svg Cuttables.


I hope you have fun playing with the Replicate Panel – it can really come in handy when you are designing.

Enjoy !

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