Let’s Explore – Transform – Shear

Today we are on the final tab of the Transform Panel – the Shear tab.
This Panel is available if you have the Designer Edition upgrade to the software.

This is another tool that is often overlooked. Why would you use it?

You can change the look of a basic shape, design or even font to give it a new look.

The Shear tab is found on the rights side of the Silhouette Studio v4 under the Transform Panel.

Shear Panel copy

Below I have a few examples of how you can use this tool to change the look for a font or design.

Shear examples

Let’s check it out and see some examples.

Shear Panel detail copy

  1. Horizontal Shear Preset- Shear or skew by preset degrees on a horizontal line – choose between -30, -15, 0, 15, or 30 degrees.Horizontal Preset shear
  2. Horizontal Custom – Shear or skew by typing in a custom number and it will shear to that degree on the horizontal line.Custome Horizontal shear
  3. Vertical Shear Preset – Shear or skew by preset degrees on a vertical line – choose between -30, -15, 0, 15, or 30 degrees.Vertical Shear Presets
  4. Vertical Shear Custom – Shear or skew by typing in a customer number and it will shear to the degree on the vertical line.Vertical Shear Custom
  5. Show Shear Handles – Check the box to show the Shear Handles that you can grab and skew your design manually instead of putting in a certain degree designation.Show Shear Handles copy

This can make the designs or shape you have in your library go a lot further when you know that you can manipulate and change them.

For instance, I took 2 basic shapes and created this rough sun design.

Sun demo

By cutting a circle in half, I created the main sun part. Then I took a rectangle and used the Shear Handles to manipulate each copy of the streaks.

Want to give your signature a more realistic slant to how it would be written?

Signature shear

Do you have a font that does not have the Italic option? Then create your own.

Italic demo

Whether you are creating your own designs or just want to play around, the Shear tool is definitely something to play around with.


SS_Signature copySS Logo snip it

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