Let’s Explore v4 – Nesting Feature

If you have the Designer Edition upgrade to the Silhouette Studio, the Nesting feature is available in the software. This feature allows you to "nest" the design together to either conserve material or create a new design. Let's Explore the Nesting Panel. Set Selected Shape as Boundary - Select a shape to be the nesting … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Nesting Feature

Let’s Explore – Transform – Shear

Today we are on the final tab of the Transform Panel - the Shear tab. This Panel is available if you have the Designer Edition upgrade to the software. This is another tool that is often overlooked. Why would you use it? You can change the look of a basic shape, design or even font … Continue reading Let’s Explore – Transform – Shear

Let’s Explore v4 – Transform = Move

Did you know that you can Move objects on your Silhouette Design mat specifically into place? Pretty neat when you start to look at it. Under the Transform Panel on the right side, then the 4th tab at the top of the Panel is the "Move By" tab. This allows you to move an object … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Transform = Move

Let’s Explore v4 – Rotate

Hi everyone! This week we are continuing on our journey to explore more of Silhouette Studio v4. We are looking today at the Transform Panel - Rotate tab. You will find this on the right side of the Silhouette Studio v4 as shown below. If  you want to manually rotate an object, you can do … Continue reading Let’s Explore v4 – Rotate