Let's Explore v4, Silhouette

Let’s Explore v4 – Nesting Feature

If you have the Designer Edition upgrade to the Silhouette Studio, the Nesting feature is available in the software.

This feature allows you to “nest” the design together to either conserve material or create a new design.

Nesting feature copy

Let’s Explore the Nesting Panel.

Nesting detailed copy

  1. Set Selected Shape as Boundary – Select a shape to be the nesting boundaries.Replicated the design across the page, then draw a rectangle.Set Selected Shape as Boundary1Select the rectangle and choose Set Selected Shape as Boundary. Set Selected Shape as Boundary The rectangle turned blue and is now the nesting Boundary. Then select all the designs and choose Nest. Set Selected Shape as Boundary3 It will nest the design within that shape.
  2. Use Cut Area or Use Selected – With a shape selected as a boundary, the “Use Selected” option is checked.Use SelectedIf the entire page size is being used, then the “Use Cut Area” is checked.Use Cut Area
  3. Only Shapes on Media – Choose whether you want to include all the designs that are on the design page, no matter where they are, such as the holding area or only designs on the Media.With Only Shapes on Media checked, it will only nest the designs showing on the design mat.Only Shapes on MediaIf Only Shapes on Media is unchecked, then it will nest all the designs, no matter where they are on the page. Only Shapes on Media2
  4. Align – This will align as many designs with each other as possible.Here align is unchecked and the Rotations is increased to 4.Align1With Align checked, it gives a different nesting option. Align2
  5. Padding – Increase or decrease the amount of space between each design when it’s nested.Above the Padding is at 1 and below the padding has been changed to 5 and allows extra spacing or padding between each design.Padding
  6. Rotations – Choose how many times a design can be rotated to make it nest with another design.Here the rotations have been increased to 12 and changes the nesting a little bit.Rotations
  7. Nest – Choose this when you are ready for the design to nest according to the settings you have chosen.

Why would you use this?

Do you have a piece of material that is 5″ x 7″ and you want to fit as many of a design as you can on the material without manually adjusting each design? The nesting tool will help, let the software work for you.

Material size

Or how about nesting a design within a larger design?

Shape filled

This would be a great start to filling the shape with words and then you can add more to it.

Keep in mind that you do need the Designer Edition software upgrade or higher to access this feature.

Designs used in this post: I Love Wine by Sophie Gallo Design #208790

Have fun playing with this fun tool!

Enjoy !

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