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Let’s Explore v4 – Stipple Panel

If you are Silhouette Cameo 3 or Curio owner and have plugged your machine into your computer, you will have access to the Stipple Panel.

Stipple panel copy

With a Cameo 3, you can use a pen or marker to stipple a design. This means that the design is a series of dots. With this feature you can turn any design or photo into a stippled image.

With a Curio, the Stippling tool and the embossing mat can be used together to create the stippled design on other media types. With the Curio, it actually makes small indents in the material such as the Stippling metal sheets. The Stippling tool is designed to be used with the Curio machine.

Stipple detail copy

  1. Stipple Edge – This option will add Stippling dots around the edges of the design on the screen.Stipple Edge copy
    *Mama Needs Wine by Dawn Nicole Designs – Design #209918
  2. Spacing – Adjust the spacing between the dots on the Stipple edge by increasing or decreasing the inches here.Spacing Stipple Edge copy
  3. Stipple Fill – Choose from many fill options. The way it fills in with a stipple will vary with each design.Stipple Fill demo
  4. Grid Spacing – Increase or decrease the grid spacing of the design being stippled.Grid Spacing demo

    Here I have decreased the grid spacing on all the designs to 0.500 inches. This places more of the design and stipple into a smaller grid area on the original object.

  5. Stipple Spacing – Increase or decrease the spacing of the stipple dots to be closer or farther from each other. Something to note here is that with some Stipple fill patterns, options may be grayed out because they do not apply. As you can see in the first 2 of my example here.Stipple Spacing

    Here I increased the Stipple spacing to 0.100 inches.

  6. Scale Factor – Increase or decrease the scale of the points by a percentage.Scale factor

    Here I scaled all of them down to 50%. As you can see, with each option, the look of the design changes and you can hardly recognize which options that I filled each with.

  7. Angle – Change the angle of how the design fills the object.Angle demo

    Above, the Angle is set for 135 degrees on all the designs.

  8. Offset – This controls how far the fill pattern starts from the edge of the original design.Offset demo

    Above, I have changed the offset to 0.250 inches and you can see that on all of the hearts, it has started the fill pattern 0.250 inches from the edge of the design.

  9. Stipple Size – Change the size of the Stipple point.Stipple size

    This option only changes the visual look of your design and does not change how big of a point the pen or tool will stipple.

  10. Print Stipple – By checking this, the design can be sent to the printer to print the stippled image.

Keep in mind that the more dots you add to your design, the more details that is for your Studio program and computer to process. What does that mean? That means the more details you have in your design, the more data you computer is processing. If you experience a lag, be patient, the computer is working and will catch up.

Now, another thing to note, if you missed it in the beginning, is that this Stipple feature is only available for Cameo 3 or Curio owners, otherwise, the panel will be grayed out.

There are so many fun options to explore in the Silhouette software – hope you have fun creating today!
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6 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Stipple Panel”

  1. Can you stipple with the Cameo 4? I did not know if this was written earlier since it said it would work with the 3 and Curio. What do you use the metal sheets for besides framing them? Thanks in advance.


    1. You can stipple with a pen on the Cameo 3 and Cameo 4. With the Curio, you can stipple with the Etching/Stippling tool.
      Framing the metal sheets is about the only thing unless you have the ability to cut them down.


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