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Silhouette Weekend

What an amazing weekend spent with colleagues and new Silhouette friends!
I was on staff at the Terri Johnson Creates Silhouette Instructor Licensing retreat two weeks ago and let me tell you, while it may have been long days, I still woke up feeling like my battery was recharged on Monday morning.


First, I want to say Congratulations to all the new TJC Licensed Silhouette Instructors!
It was an amazing weekend meeting you all and seeing some of you I already knew.

I loved watching attendees create all of the projects and seeing that light shine when they finished their creations or learned a new technique in the software.
That is what I love about being an Instructor!

A weekend full of Silhouette machines, class projects and new friends! And to top it off, working with my colleagues, who have become some of my closest friends since I attended the TJC Silhouette Licensing Program in September 2016.


We laughed, we talked, we bounced ideas off each other, we laughed some more….. we cried because we were laughing so hard.
This makes it all worth it – the friends you meet!

The weekend was filled with business tips, Silhouette software, projects created with the Silhouette, demos, tips, tricks, troubleshooting and lots of fun!

On Saturday evening, during the hands on session, I showed a demonstration of the Silhouette Curio etching on an acrylic coaster. This little Curio machine has very quickly become well loved in my studio and I am amazed at what it can do.

Here are just a few of the projects I’ve created using my Curio machine.

Since I attended the TJC Licensing Program in September of 2016, I have expanded my knowledge of Silhouette and many more things – more than I ever could have imagined. I have been teaching Silhouette classes in person, by video conference call and by phone; been on staff for several Terri Johnson Creates Events including the Curio Intensive, All Things Silhouette Conferences and Licensing; started the “Let’s Explore v4” series on my blog; am an Admin on several Facebook groups; written several guest posts for Silhouette School and Craft Chameleon; created  product/project videos for Craft Chameleon and am now recording and creating video lessons for users who do not have access to a hands on event.

None of this would have happened if I had not taken that moment and clicked Register for the Terri Johnson Creates Licensing Event.

I still don’t know where it’s leading me, everyday seems to bring a new opportunity.
But, I am enjoying it and learning as I go.

Each Silhouette user will read this and take something different away from it.
Do you want to know more about becoming a TJC Licensed Silhouette Instructor?
(Click HERE)
Do you want to look for a hands on event or local Instructor in your area?
(Click HERE)
Do you want to check out more information on the Instruction that I offer or have an interest in video lessons?
(Click HERE)
Do you want to check out the “Let’s Explore v4” series?
(Click HERE)
Do you just want to get your Silhouette machine out and play?
That is the best way to learn. Of course, it is always a little easier with some guidance and that is why the Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Silhouette Program was created.


Who knows where this path will take me, but I know my life is different because I am on it and I would not trade meeting these wonderful ladies (and many more not pictured) for anything in this world.

I would love if you would share your projects with us – check out my Facebook group at
Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae.


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