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Using multiple files to create a design

Where do you find your ideas?

I am a big Pinterest lover. I pin a lot of things of all categories and sometimes just sit and pin ideas for hours. I find it relaxing. Do I make all the pins I save?
No – but I have made quite a few.

Check out my Pinterest boards HERE and maybe you’ll get some ideas.

My son was looking for something to put on a shirt and he found one he really liked. I realized I could re-create it with designs from the Silhouette Design Store. My son loves Legos. He will wake up and create something before his eyes are fully opened. And he is good! I have to have directions to follow to make something and that goes for anything – I just don’t have that engineering mind. He can just imagine something and then create it out of Legos. It’s amazing and love that at 6 years old, he is doing that.

While creating this shirt, I used many of the features we have already reviewed in the “Let’s Explore v4” series. Watch for links throughout this post that will explain more about each function I used in designing the shirt.


First, I went shopping in the Silhouette Design Store and here are the designs I picked up:

Sleep Icon by Rhonna Farrer – Design #200750
Sleep photo DS

ZP Brick Blocks Print by ScrapNFonts – Design #120497
ZP Brick Blocks Print

Building Block by Snapdragon Snippets – Design #34936
Building Block DS

Kitchen Dingbats by Lori Whitlock – Design #215176
Kitchen Dingbats by LW

Now, I am ready to create my design. I opened each of the designs from my Silhouette library and have them on my mat.

Designs on page1

Now I can start editing them to delete the pieces I do not need.

By releasing and making compound paths, I was able to alter both of these designs to ones that I could use in with HTV on the shirt.

Designs on page1

You can find more information on Compound Paths HERE.

Altered designs

I like to fill all my designs with color as it makes it easier to work with the design and you can see it better. Check out more information on the Fill Color Panel HERE.

Next, I took the drawing tools on the left side and drew a rounded rectangle.

Rounded Rectangle copy

Then I right clicked on the rectangle and chose “Convert to Path”.

Convert to Path copy

This will set the design as a solid rectangle. Before convert to path is chosen, the red dots can still be moved in the top left corner and this will change the angle of the rounded rectangle corners.

Now, make an offset of the rounded rectangle. Find more information on creating an Offset HERE.


Then select both rectangles, right click and choose “Make Compound Path“. Then fill with color and now there is a rectangle outline.

Rectangle outline

Then the rectangle can be replicated 2 more times for design. Check out more information on the Replicate Panel HERE.

Replicate rectangle

Next, I used the Lori Whitlock Kitchen Dingbats for my fork and knife.

I accessed the Dingbat font in the Text Style Panel under the Glyphs panel and double clicked on the character I wanted.

For more information on accessing glyphs directly in the software click HERE.

LW Dingbats copy

Then I right clicked and chose “Release Compound Path“, deleted the spoon, moved the fork to the right side, selected both and grouped them back together.

Now I have all my designs and just need to resize them to fit inside the rectangles.

Transform Panel - Align

Now that the designs are sized how I like, I can use the Transform Panel – Align tools to make sure they are centered and the spacing between each section is the same.
Check out more information on using the Align tools HERE.

All that is left is to create my text. For this, I used the ZP Brick Blocks Print by ScrapNFonts from the Silhouette Design Store.

Block font

I used the Text Style Panel to choose the font that I wanted and then used the Transform -Align Panel to center the words to each rectangle.

Once I have everything centered and aligned how I want it, I select it all and then Group it together, so it moves as one object.

Flip Horizontal

Then I right clicked on the design and chose “Flip Horizontal”, since I am cutting this from Heat Transfer Vinyl. I prefer to flip the image myself and then tell the software to “Send As Is” when it gives me the pop up after clicking on Send, so there is no issue with it flipping it to the wrong side of my mat.

Flip copy

And now you are ready to send this to cut after making sure you blade is installed right and choosing the correct material.

This design is cut out of Siser Easyweed Black HTV and I applied it using my heat press with a Siser Pressing pillow to help raise the design area above the seams.


My son loved his shirt and I loved creating it by combining several designs.


Are you not finding the exact design that you envision for a project?
Why not create your own?
Combine designs that you buy, create your own or a combination of both.

Feel free to share the creations you make on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae.


SS_Signature copySS Logo snip it

**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

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