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Let’s Explore v4 – Transform = Move

Did you know that you can Move objects on your Silhouette Design mat specifically into place?

Pretty neat when you start to look at it.

Under the Transform Panel on the right side, then the 4th tab at the top of the Panel is the “Move By” tab.

4-25 Transform -Move copy

This allows you to move an object to an exact location on the Design mat.

4-25 Transform -Move detail copy

  1. Directional arrows – Move left, move right, move up, move down – choose which direction you want to move your design.
  2. Distance – Set the exact distance you want your design to move.
    Here is the original design placed on my design mat:
    Distance before
    *Running Out Wine Cardio design #222003 by Megan Hardy Design

    Now see how it moved exactly 3.25″ when I select the design and click on the Move right directional arrow.

    Distance after

  3. X and Y coordinates – Set the exact X and Y location of your design on your mat.
    If you look in my above photo, when I moved it 3.25″ to the right, it also added in the X and Y coordinates. This means that I can also move something by changing those numbers. Here I entered my X as 5, so it moved it 5″ from the left side and my Y as 3″, so it moved it 3″ down from the top.X and Y

    You can also choose how it applies the X and Y coordinates by selecting the position on the square that you want it to apply from.
    My photo above has it applied in the top left corner.X Y position copy
    But you can choose what position works best for you, whether it’s the Center of the design or another location as well.

  4. Apply – Click here to apply the Move or hit Enter.

And that is how you can move things on your design screen to the exact location you want.
Can you move it manually? Yes, you sure can!
Drag and move it where you want.
Or you can use the Move tools and place it exactly.
Just like so many other functions in the Silhouette software – there are multiple ways to do things!


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