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Layered vinyl decal for a teacher gift

Today I am creating a vinyl decal that could be applied to a variety of items that would be great for a teacher.

Vinyl decal

For this decal, I am combining 2 files found in the May Bundle at SoFontsyApple Monogram Frames and A-Z Hand lettered Initials.

Measure and create your design to the size you want. I added an apple layer of white behind the red, so that gives this design 4 colors to layer.

The mat is revealed at 50% here so I can see where on the cutting mat my decal would fit.

Vinyl decal demo copy

Since there are 4 colors to this decal, replicate the design with the registration marks so there are 4 copies on your design mat.

Replicate copy

Check out more information on the Replicate Panel HERE.

Move the copies to separate areas on your design mat, then un-group the design and delete the color on each copy that you do not want to cut. Make sure you do not move the design in any way when you are deleting the layers, as it is lined up properly with those registration marks.

It’s also helpful to pull off another copy of the original to the side of the mat, just in case you need to go back.

Vinyl decal copies

Now, you have all the layers of your decal ready to cut on one cutting mat. Cut your material or grab your scraps of vinyl and place them in the same location on the cutting mat as they are on the design screen. I am using Oracal 651 vinyl for my decal.

You’ll notice that I did not weed the bottom black layer. Since it had some small dots in the design I chose to apply the Oracal transfer tape first and use the Reverse weeding technique on it to keep those pieces in place.


The first time I used the reverse weeding I did not like it as the vinyl stuck to me. But, it definitely has it’s uses and works great for those detailed images. With a little practice, you get the hang of it.

When you are layering the vinyl, you want to start with the top layer first and then work your way down. I started with the black, then green, then red and then white.


I love how this decal turned out.

What would you apply it to? A coffee mug? An acrylic blank?

Enjoy !

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