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Let’s Explore v4 – Replicate Object on Path

Replicate Panel – Object on Path

I am sure you have seen other projects where people had a design replicated multiple times in a shape and you’ve said “How did they do that?”

Well, today we are going to explore how to do that right in the Silhouette Studio v4.

The Replicate Object on Path tab can be found under the Replicate Panel on the right side and is tab 3 on the panel.

Replicate Object on Path copy

First add the design and the shape you want the design to follow onto the design mat.

For this design, I drew a heart using 2 circles and a square turned 45 degrees, then placed them overlapping and welded them. I resized the heart down to a manageable size. And then drew a perfect circle by holding down my Shift Key and dragging my Draw Ellipse tool out.

Replicate Object start

Now let’s take a look at the Object to Path tab.

Replicate Object detailed copy

  1. Show Grab Handle – Click on the Object you want to move to the shape to select it, then click on Show Grab Handle button in the panel. A grab handle will appear in the object and you click and drag that towards your shape.Show Grab Handle copy

    When you drag it on to the shape, it will replicate copies of that object around the shape. And you get another little circle (drag handle) on the shape to the right of the original object. By clicking and dragging on this drag handle you can increase or decrease the spacing between the objects on the path, this will also change the number of objects around the shape.

    Drag to shape copy

    Here I moved the drag handle so there is more space between the objects. Notice that the numbers change on the panel as well under the Position.

    Drag copies copy

  2. Perpendicular – Change the orientation of the object on the path by leaving this box checked or un-check it to change the angle of your object.Perpendicular copy
  3. Start Angle – Change the rotation angle of your object on the path to an exact angle.Start Angle copy
  4. Increment Angle – Change how each object is placed in relation to the previous object. In this case, each heart is rotated 90 degrees from the previous heart.Increment angle
    This creates a pattern of your design around the shape. With this option, you can make many variations of the same design.
  5. Start Position – Change the position of the original object on the shape by changing. In this photo, I have changed the position to 0, which places the original object at the 3 o’clock position. You can also move the grab handle on the original object and move it manually too.Start Position copy
  6. Section Length – Changes the length between the beginning and end object on your path.Section Length copy
  7. Number of Repeats – Change the number of times the object is replicated on the path.Number of repeats copy
  8. Step length – Change the distance between each object on the path by adjusting this figure. This will change number of objects on the path.Step Length copy
  9. Release Copies – When the design is complete, click on this to release the objects from the path and remove the shape your were using as your path.Release CopiesAt this point, all of your objects are now single objects, as you can see by the selection boxes around each. I would suggest grouping these together before you go further, so you don’t accidentally move one.

    Release copies 2

And there you have the Replicate Object on Path – how cool is that?

What will you do with this neat feature?

Replicate final

Want to start at the beginning of the Let’s Explore v4 series – click HERE.


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10 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Replicate Object on Path”

  1. What a fun tool to play with! I enjoyed your tutorial and it makes me want to go experiment with some different shapes and patterns now.


  2. I’ve made designs that followed the path without this tool. Man, was I making it hard when all the time it was so simple! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.


  3. Help! The grab handle only highlights (turns red/ornage) on som eobjects and not others. Why is this?


    1. It is a bug in some versions of the software that we have found and reported. Right click on the image and choose Make Compound Path, even if it already looks like it and then see if it gives you the grab handle.


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