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Let’s Explore v4 – Modify Panel – Part 1

The Modify Panel has lots of neat tools in it that perform a variety of functions.
It can be found on the right side of the Silhouette Studio v4.

Modify Panel v4

Let’s take a look at all the tools in this panel.

Modify Panel details copy

  1. Weld – Joining two or more objects that are overlapping together to form 1 object. This is often used with text when you want it to cut as one solid design vs individual letters.Weld3You will notice that the top text, the red lines from the characters overlaps the letter next to it. If you sent it to cut like this, it will cut out the red lines exactly how they show, so your letters would have cuts through them.Weld - zoom copy

    By choosing to weld the font first, you can join the letters together so it cuts as one smooth piece. After you have welded, any piece of the text that is not overlapping will now be a separate object – like the dots of the i, so you want to make sure to Group them together to keep the text moving as one design.

    When you weld text, it does change it from editable text to a vector image, so make sure to make a copy & pull it off to the side so you have the original in case you need to go back.

  2. Subtract – Takes the top layer and subtracts it out of the bottom layer under it.SubtractOn top is the original design. Mom is typed out and behind the names.
    When you select both designs and choose Subtract, it subtracts out the names (top layer) from the Mom design (bottom layer).
    This works well for things like layering HTV where you don’t want the bulk of layering on your shirt or if you are using glitter HTV that is not recommended to be layered.

    Tip: with this design, I would create an offset of the original names and then use the offset to subtract from the Mom design. It gives you a little more flexibility in placement when you apply it to the shirt.

    Offset copy

    I used a 0.20 offset on this design. Then moved the original name text away and used the Mom (bottom layer) and the offset (new top layer) to Subtract.

    Offset demo

    Since I used an offset, this will allow you to place your names text inside of the area when applying the HTV and you won’t have to worry as much about shrinkage and getting it perfect.

    Offset final

    Move the name text back on top of your Subtracted design to get an idea of how it looks. On the top design, you have to get the exact placement of the names lined up with the bottom layer. On the bottom design, you will notice there is a bit of white showing around the name text, this will be beneficial when you are applying HTV so you don’t have to worry as much as about the HTV shrinking when you press each color.

    I used MF I love glitter font by Misti Fonts and Gulana font.
    Keep in mind if you plan to sell creations with these fonts, you will want to purchase the Commercial License for each.

    If you are using adhesive vinyl, it is not as much of an issue because there is no shrinkage. But, you will still need to get it lined up perfectly and layering marks can help with that – check out how to do that HERE.

  3. Subtract All – This option removes any part of an design that is behind another design.
    I always start my pulling off a copy of my design to the holding area off the mat, so I can go back to the original if needed.Subtract All

    So above I drew a heart and moved it behind my Mom and name layers. Make sure to align the design how you want and then I chose Subtract All and it cuts out the top 2 layers from the very bottom layer (heart).
    This works great for making designs that you don’t want to have the bulk of materials overlapping.
    Again you could use an offset to help with ease of getting it lined up and not worrying about shrinkage.

  4. Intersect – When 2 or more designs are overlapping, this will keep only the part of the design that is intersecting between the designs and the rest is deleted.Intersect
  5. Divide – When 2 or more designs are overlapping, this will divide any parts that are overlapping, but keeps all of the pieces on the design mat. Nothing is deleted.Divide
  6. Crop – This will allow you to crop a shape out of a pattern, design or in this case a photo.CropDraw a heart over the photo, select both the photo and circle, then choose Crop and it will take that shape out of the layer under it.

There are so many neat things you can accomplish with these tools under the Modify Panel. I encourage you to draw some shapes, pull in some patterns and just play around with them to see what they do.

Save this for future reference by pinning the image below.

Pin - Modify Panel - Part 1

Find Part 2 of the Modify Panel HERE – Compound Paths & Detach Lines

So far in the “Let’s Explore v4” series we have covered:
Page Setup Panel – Tab 1 – Page Size, Cutting Mat, Rotate View, Print & Cut Borders
Page Setup Panel – Tab 2 – Grid Options
Page Setup Panel – Tab 3 – Registration Marks
Fill Color Panel
Line Style Panel
Trace Panel – Basic Trace
Trace Panel – Trace by Color
Trace Panel – Magnet Trace
Pixscan Panel
Text Style Panel – Tab 1
Text Style Panel – Tab 2 & 3 – Glyphs & Spell Check
Transform Panel – Align Tab
Transform Panel – Scale Tab
Transform Panel – Rotate
Transform Panel – Move By
Transform Panel – Shear by
Replicate Panel – Tab 1 & 2
Replicate Panel – Object to Path
Whew! We’ve covered a lot!

I truly believe that if you learn how to create in the software, the possibilities are endless!
The software is the key!
And it is such a powerful program that is available for anyone to use.

I would love to see what you are creating or learning with your Silhouette!
Feel free to post photos or questions on my Facebook group at
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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