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Let’s Explore v4 – Activate an Upgrade

If you have used any sort of software in your lifetime, you know that there are always updates. In the Silhouette software updates and upgrades are 2 different things.

Updates are free and add features, fix bugs, allow new machines to be accessed, make changes, etc. I recommend downloading the updates direct from the Silhouette America website.

Upgrades are paid software codes that unlock additional features.

If you are reading this post, you probably already have an upgrade code. If you do not, I’d recommend checking out this post
Software Upgrades – My Favorite Features
In the post, I have listed my favorite features of each upgrade and have linked to the lowest prices to get the upgrades.

These 2 words – update vs upgrade – are often confusing for new users
(sometimes even experienced users don’t use them correctly either).
But, they are very important to understand the difference.

Updates reference the version of Silhouette Studio you are using. This information can be found in your Silhouette software.

How to find what software version you have

For Windows users, find your software version under Help > About Silhouette at the top of Silhouette Studio.
For MAC users, find your software version under Silhouette Studio in the top left and About Silhouette.

Note: I am a Beta tester and have a Beta testing version installed.

How to Activate an Upgrade

This process has changed recently so the following information is very specific to certain software versions and what you are using.

Please read the following very carefully!

This tutorial is published December 2021
updated on February 27, 2022

If you purchased an upgrade from an authorized Silhouette retailer, not direct at the Silhouette America site – follow Step 1 and 2
If you purchase direct from Silhouette America, skip to Step 2.

Step 1

If you just purchased a brand new upgrade code for the first time AND are using software of v4.4.554 or higher, you will go to the www.silhouette-america.com website.
Click on Software at the top.
Then choose Apply/Manage License Keys.
Then Sign In and follow the instructions.

Step 2

In the Silhouette Studio software, click Help > Apply Upgrade Edition
Enter your Silhouette America log in and click on
Apply a New License Key to your Account.
Enter your email address & password and click Sign In.
Do NOT click the blue arrow.
If the blue arrow is expanded, click to close it or it won’t work properly
Do NOT enter the code – it has already been applied to the Silhouette America website.
NOTE: this is for brand new upgrade purchases only!

If you already have an upgrade that has been applied in a prior software version the following applies:

If using software v4.4.554 or a higher version

You no longer have to enter the code on the computer you are using to activate it. The upgrade code is already activate on your account.

Open the Silhouette Studio software.
At the top choose Help > Apply Upgrade Edition

Then enter your Silhouette America account information and click on Sign In.
Do NOT click the blue arrow.
If the blue arrow is expanded, click to close it or it won’t work properly
Do NOT enter the code – it has already been applied to the Silhouette America website.

All codes that are connected to your Silhouette account will be activated on the computer.

A user is still only allowed to have 3 active computers associated with each upgrade code purchased. This means that if you log into a 4th computer, it will deactivate the upgrade on the computer that was used at the oldest timeframe.

What does that really mean?

As an example, if you have a computer that the upgrade was applied to that was used in January 2021. Then you have a 2nd computer that was used in March 2021. The 3rd computer was last used in November 2021. And now the you have a new computer you are trying to use the software on, a 4th computer, if you are using current software, when it activates, it will remove the code from the 1st computer that was last used in January 2021. It goes by the oldest date used.

Note: This only applies to computers that are using software versions of v4.4.554 or higher.

If you are using a Legacy version prior to v4.4.554

To activate the upgrade, open the Silhouette Studio software.
Click Help > Upgrade.
Enter the upgrade codes in the order you purchased them.
For instance, if you purchased it in steps, you would need to enter the Designer Edition upgrade first and then the Business Edition.

Don’t know what your codes are?

Go to the www.silhouette-america.com website
Sign in
Click on Account Settings in the top right corner (little person icon)

Then click on My Account and choose License Keys.

Scroll down on the page and you will see all the License Keys for your Silhouette upgrades you have activated on your account.

The Silhouette Studio software is always changing!
There are many, many neat features that have been released. However, I do not always recommend to update the software right away when it’s released. It will depend on each user’s situation and reasons they have for wanting to update.

This is one of those great features that will save the user and Silhouette Support time and frustration by being able to have it all automated and not have to manually reset the codes when a user hits 3 uses.

Keep in mind though that this new feature only affects users who are on software versions of v4.4.554 or higher.

Hope this helps you in your Silhouette journey!

I would love to see what you are creating with your Silhouette software or machines!
Feel free to post photos or questions on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

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Enjoy !

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