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Silhouette Software Updates – Curio & Alta Owners

Changes. No one really likes them, but they are a fact of life! That is no different in the Silhouette Studio software. Today I am sharing a new change in the Silhouette Studio software in versions of v4.5 and higher. This change affects Curio & Alta owners most, but all users will notice a new… Continue reading Silhouette Software Updates – Curio & Alta Owners

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New Silhouette Curio Acrylic Etching Class Released

I've just released this new Silhouette Curio Beginner Acrylic Etching Class on theSilhouette Secrets+ Teachable site! This new Curio etching class has been designed to show how the Silhouette Studio software has changed in v4.5 software (don't worry, you do NOT need to update), but I show you how it has changed.And I designed this… Continue reading New Silhouette Curio Acrylic Etching Class Released

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Silhouette Curio Chalkboard Class

This is not something I do often, well in fact, it's the first time ever!I just published one of my step-by-step Silhouette Curio classes to theSilhouette Secrets+ YouTube channel. It can also be found for Free on my Silhouette Secrets+ Teachable site HERE, if you prefer not to watch through YouTube. This is a rare… Continue reading Silhouette Curio Chalkboard Class

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Etched Acrylic Décor Class Released

New! I've just released the a new Silhouette Curio class on my Teachable site! Etched Acrylic Decor with the Silhouette Curio Not only do we set up to etch on acrylic, but I also share how to cut adhesive vinyl on the Curio and why I added it onto this project. Check it out HERE… Continue reading Etched Acrylic Décor Class Released

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Chalkboard Décor with the Curio

Just a quick post today to share my newest Silhouette class. It is a Silhouette Curio class that I was in the process of creating for an in-person event before everything was shut down a couple years ago. I finally picked it back up where I left off and it is now available for all… Continue reading Chalkboard Décor with the Curio

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New Silhouette Curio class released!

I have so much fun playing with my Silhouette Curio and all the things it can do!I want to share that with you!Join me in this Silhouette Curio class to create an acrylic etched panel! Check out the class HERE. This is an Advanced Beginner Curio class that will cover the setup step-by-step to getting… Continue reading New Silhouette Curio class released!

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Silhouette Curio Etched Ornaments

Looking for a unique décor or gift idea?Acrylic etched items can be just the thing. Etched Acrylic Ornaments with the Silhouette Curio Affiliate links may be present in the following blog post and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Take a 3" acrylic circle and customize it however you like.Add a simple… Continue reading Silhouette Curio Etched Ornaments

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New Computer Tips

New computer - Now what? Are you a Silhouette owner and just got a new computer? Not sure where to go from there? It is pretty easy to get setup and running with a new computer and I'm going to share a few tips. First when you get a new computer, be prepared that it… Continue reading New Computer Tips

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New Curio Class Released!

Just a quick post to give a heads up that I've released a new Curio etching class on my Teachable site. Etched Metal Cake Server Class with the Curio This is a step-by-step class showing how to etch an odd shaped object on the Curio machine. I share how I secure the cake server on… Continue reading New Curio Class Released!

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Etched Acrylic Coasters with the Curio

What happens when you move into a furnished apartment with wood furniture? My husband says to me, "We should have brought coasters." No problem! Pull out the Curio, pick out a couple of designs and the Curio is etching away. I may be working on the dining room table, but I am happy to have… Continue reading Etched Acrylic Coasters with the Curio