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New Silhouette Curio Acrylic Etching Class Released

I’ve just released this new Silhouette Curio Beginner Acrylic Etching Class on the
Silhouette Secrets+ Teachable site!

This new Curio etching class has been designed to show how the Silhouette Studio software has changed in v4.5 software (don’t worry, you do NOT need to update), but I show you how it has changed.
And I designed this class with tips for all acrylics in general, not just from one source.

In this step-by-step class we will discuss the supplies for etching acrylics with the Silhouette Curio and the entire process to get set up etching acrylics. I will share all of my tips & tricks for getting a good etch on acrylics. This class is designed to give you the tools and resources so you can test and etch on any acrylics that you might be able to source.
Plus bonus information on etching on other size blanks too!

Find it HERE on the Silhouette Secrets+ Teachable site

I am also including the class supply list and the supplies I shared in the bonus examples too!
This information is also in the class description on the Silhouette Secrets+ Teachable site and again in the class as a downloadable PDF document too!

Affiliate links may be present in the below and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

Supply list

– Silhouette Curio Machine with all platforms & cutting mat
– Silhouette Etching Tool
– Acrylic Blanks
143Vinyl Acrylic Blanks can be found HERE
*I will update and add more as I test with new vendors
– Double sided tape
Hibiscus Flower Bunch by Samantha Walker – Design #10873
Digital Calipers or a ruler with mm
– Sharp point weeding tool

– Additional Supplies shown in bonus information
Acrylic Square Blank for LED Base
Acrylic Circle for LED Base
Shape template files available from 143Vinyl for acrylics purchased
Sea Turtle Wisdom design by Jillibean Soup
Not All Storms Come to Disrupt design by Jillibean Soup
Wood base from Amazon
LED light base from Amazon (optional)

I designed the class so you can start with the small design and then apply the same exact techniques to larger projects such as these below. In the bonus information I share tips on how to work with these different size acrylic blanks.

The biggest thing is TO JUST GET STARTED!

The Silhouette Curio is an awesome machine and I share why in this new class. Get it out and start creating fabulous projects with it!

I hope you will join me and then share your creations on the Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook Group!

I have several more Silhouette Curio Classes available on my Teachable site HERE
as well as other Silhouette Classes too!

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**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

3 thoughts on “New Silhouette Curio Acrylic Etching Class Released”

    1. The class is online and available anytime after your register. I have a full supply list in both the blog post and again in the class itself. It would all depend on your blank you currently have. I use clear acrylics in the class.


      1. I received this email; however everytime I try to sign in and even tried to get a new password it does not come back to my email so that I can sign up for the class. I tried creating a new account and it keeps telling me I have a new account…please help I am very interested in the new course you have.. and want to get started.


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