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Let’s Explore v4 – Drawing Tools

Do you use the Silhouette software to draw your own designs? Or maybe you are like me and don’t feel you are creative enough to draw your own designs?
Today we are going to talk about the Drawing Tools and hopefully, you will feel a little differently by the end.

Drawing Tools Panel copy

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, you will find the Tools on the left side of the Design Tab and the Panels that control the properties of those Tools on the right side.

Tools vs Panels copy

Understanding the different terms in the software can help in remembering where to access some of these features. Check out this FREE PDF file that diagrams the Design Tab out with each of the Icon names.

Let's Explore v4 diagram copy

Let’s Explore v4 – Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools close up copy

Draw a Rectangle Tool

Select the Rectangle Tool on the left side and the cursor will change to a cross-hair. Click the left mouse button and hold to draw a rectangle of any size.

Draw rectangle copy

To draw a perfect square, hold down the SHIFT key as you draw and it will draw a perfect square.

But, be careful not to let go of the SHIFT key before you release the mouse button or it will not be an equal sided square.
The undo option is your best friend in the software at times.

Now, after you draw that rectangle, does your mouse keep on drawing shapes?
You can change this under the Preferences in the software.
Check out this post on Preference – Tools to find out how.

Draw a Rounded Rectangle

The draw a rounded rectangle tool works the same as the rectangle tool, except the corners are rounded and you have the option to adjust the curve of the corners by moving the red dots that appear on the corner.

Rounded Rectangle copy

The red dots can be adjusted individually for each side of the corner or if the SHIFT key is held down when grabbing one, it will adjust them proportionally on all sides.

Draw an Ellipse

Select the draw an Ellipse tool to draw an oval or circle shape.

Draw an ellipse copy

Again, holding down the SHIFT key will allow a perfect circle to be drawn.
If the SHIFT key is released before the mouse button, it will revert back and not be a perfect circle.

Draw a Regular Polygon

Select this tool to draw a polygon. The polygon can be adjusted with the red dots or by using the slider bar in the middle of the shape to adjust the number of sides from 3 to 60.

Regular Polygon tool copy

Now, those are your basic shapes and can be used together to make all kinds of designs. What can you think to create?

I created this snowflake just by using a few of these basic shapes.
A rounded rectangle, a circle, and an oval.

Snowflake design copy

After drawing all the shapes, I used the Align tool to line them all up by the Align Center option. Then weld the shapes together.
Next, mirror the welded shape below from the Replicate Panel and then move the copy up a little so they are overlapped, then weld.

Snowflake welded copy

Now, use the Replicate Two Copies option and weld in the Replicate Panel to create 2 more copies. Then weld the copies together.

Snowflake Replicate copies copy

And then I repeated the same steps for the next part of the snowflake.

Snowflake 2nd arm copy

Once both parts of the snowflake are created, select the smaller snowflake piece and Rotate By 30 degrees, using the Transform Rotate Panel. Select both parts of the snowflake and use the Align Center option under the Transform Panel.

Snowflake welded final copy

Ta-Da! You have drawn a snowflake with basic shapes found in the Drawing Tools on the left side of the Silhouette Studio.

Drawing Tools Pinterest

Want to save this for later? Pin the photo above to Pinterest to refer back to later.
I love Pinterest – find me HERE!

What will you draw or create in the Silhouette software now?
Want another tip?
Check out basic drawing books to see how they combine shapes to make designs and objects.

Feel free to post your comments and questions below or on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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  1. Elly:

    I LOVE everything about your site! It is SO user friendly and gives such thorough step by step directions that I almost feel like you are sitting beside me giving me individual lessons. I LOVE that I have a picture of the Silhouette computer screen to refer to so that I can mirror the lessons! You amaze me and I cannot wait to learn more from you in the future! Thank you for being SO accessible and passionate about your craft!

    Laurie Bubenik


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