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Silhouette America Home Office Tour

Another one of my dreams has come true! A Silhouette Home Office Tour!


I had the privilege of getting invited to the Silhouette Cameo 4 launch and they offered a home office tour. We flew directly from the Silhouette Getaway weekend to Utah & with a quick drop off of our luggage to the hotel, headed to Silhouette Headquarters.

It was so inspiring to see all the creative projects displayed around the office!

There are 2 things that I cherish the most about any of my Silhouette travel adventures. First, the people! The relationships with those people. That is what this is all about! Whether it’s a hands on retreat, workshop, All Things Silhouette Conference, or even my Facebook page and groups – it’s all about the people! I love that many of those who have attended lessons with me are now great friends and it blooms into so much more than just teaching them how to use their Silhouette. That is the connection that brings us together.

Second, the creative inspiration! It is all around.
No matter where I go I see projects that inspire me to Create!

Since I could not take you all along with me, I wanted to share my experience as much as I can. I am going to share some of my favorite parts of the Silhouette Home Office tour.
(Note – post contains many photos – so it will take time to load)

Libby photo

On our way to the Home Office tour. My friend and colleague Libby Ashcraft with Libby’s Loft. Libby and I have been roommates for a couple years when we travel to the Silhouette events and she helps me in so many ways. I am not a sewer, so she fields many of my questions on that niche of things.


Ben Wood with Silhouette America has become my friend and resource through the All Things Silhouette Conference. He was the head of Silhouette support when I first met him and as recently moved to a new role in Silhouette and we caught him right as he was leaving for the day. I have bugged Ben many times with a large variety of questions regarding Silhouette software and am always appreciative of his time and answers back to me. I will miss his Troubleshooting class at ATS Conferences, but want to congratulate him on his new position.

Group photo

Left to right: Spencer Livingston (Silhouette), Sarah Cannon (Silhouette), Libby Ashcraft, Barbara Foster, Terri Johnson, EllyMae Habets, Julie Huggins, Lycia Evanoff, Mandy Graham, Sierra Dungan (Silhouette).

This is the reception area of the Silhouette Home Office.
I am very blessed to have met each and every one of these people in this photo.

There were so many fabulous creative projects on display and I could have probably spent hours just photographing them all. In fact, they did have to circle back around at one point because we were loitering a little long with some Silhouette creative project designers. It was pretty funny!


Spencer Livingston, Silhouette VP, with 10 years of Silhouette evolution.

Warehouse copy

On our tour was the Silhouette warehouse, which is at the back end of the Silhouette office. This may not look that exciting, but I loved seeing it! All these Silhouette goodies under one roof!


A glance at the newly re-decorated Studio where the magic happens in the videos Kelly Wayment creates and the new Maker’s Studio video that are posted on the Silhouette America Facebook page.

Studio shelves copy

Another view in the Silhouette Video Studio. Look at all those pretty colors and the video lighting stand-in when there is not a real person available for the job. It is amazing all the little details that go into creating a video.

Project shelves Showroom copy

Creative projects that are in the Office Showroom. I wish my Studio looked that great.

Project shelves copy

And many more projects created by Silhouette Creative Designers.

Chameleon photo

3D Chameleon – Design by Mesh & Crafts – Chameleon – Design #287227

Cake boxes copy

So many neat projects! These boxes are created with Cake Box design by Daniela Moscone in the Silhouette Design Store.

Coral cut on cardstock copy

Can the Silhouette machines cut intricate designs? I know I have had success with it but I also see many struggle too. This is a coral design cut out of cardstock that was hanging in the office. It can take some practice, good quality cardstock, and a sharp blade.

Faux Stained Glass dragonfly copy

Faux stained glass dragonfly created with Silhouette Shrink Plastic. I just do not have enough time for all these projects that can be created with the Silhouette machines.

Faux Stained glass butterfly copy

Another faux stained glass project. This butterfly is gorgeous and the photo does not do it justice. The projects that the Creative designers create are amazing and I would love to spend an entire day with them (write that down on the bucket list).

Faux Agate Art copy

Now, these Agate Art projects first caught my eye at the Silhouette Summit in May where there was one on display. These photos do not capture the beauty of these creations made from Silhouette Shrink Plastic. But, if you want to know how they are created, check out the Shrink Plastic Agate Art on the Silhouette 101 blog HERE. It is great to see all these amazing projects by Silhouette but it also adds to my ever growing project creation list that I’d like to do.

Sparkleberry Goody Bags

I spy Sparkleberry HTV on those goody bags being prepared for the Cameo 4 launch. I’ll share more on the Cameo 4 launch coming soon.

Now, you may be wondering where the other photos of the office are. Well, it is much like any other offices you may visit. The inside areas of the office space are filled with cubicles that house the retail, support, creative designers, and other desks.
All around the edges of the office are more offices.

IMG_20190909_170531425 copy

And I mentioned that I was one of the lingering tour attendees, talking with the creative designers and discussing product ideas. Our tour guides looped back around and found us pretty quick though and as the tour was coming to an end, the Product tester’s office was pointed out to me and I snapped a quick photo. There isn’t much to see but I did get to pick his brain at the Cameo 4 launch about all the materials he had been testing for the Cameo 4.
This is another section of the office that I would love to spend a full day observing.

Cameo 4- header copy

I can’t wait to get my Cameo 4 and start my own testing and sharing with you all too!
I was #4 to pre-order my Cameo 4 from Silhouette America as soon as it went live!
Pre-order yours direct from Silhouette America and get FREE shipping with my code SILSECRETS by clicking HERE.

Or you can also grab bundles at Heat Press Nation and Swing Design!

Whether you decide to get one now or stay with your current machine, I encourage you to get it out and play with it! All of the Silhouette machines are great machines & none are obsolete!

Silhouette Live

What did you think? Feel free to let me know what your questions are and what you thought of the tour on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

I’m off to work on classes for the All Things Silhouette Conference which I heard only had about 30 tickets left.
I hope you enjoyed my glimpse of the tour I received at the Silhouette Home Office.

All Things Silhouette Conference Collage

Photos of my current classes at the All Things Silhouette Conference.


SS_Signature copySS Logo snip it

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