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Cameo 4 – New release – Pre-Order Now

At the Silhouette Summit in May they announced the release of the new Cameo 4 (check out my Summit Show & Tell post HERE) and I am excited to say that I am in Utah and attending the Silhouette Cameo 4 Launch.

Yesterday we had a tour of the Silhouette Headquarters and I will be sharing more on that and what I see & learn at the Cameo 4 launch later this week.


The Cameo 4 is available to Pre-Order starting at 12 pm MST through Silhouette America with my code SILSECRETS. And this code is also good for FREE shipping on your order! Keep in mind that this is a Pre-Order, so when the Cameo 4 machines are available to ship those who have pre-ordered will be the first ones to ship.

Cameo 4 copy

A few things you may be asking yourself….

Do I need a Cameo 4?
If you already own a Silhouette machine, the answer may be NO. While there are a few updates to the new Cameo 4, your current Silhouette machine will still work. All the Silhouette machines are great machines. I still have a Cameo 1 that is going strong and it is WELL used.

Do I want a Cameo 4?
The answer could be YES or NO. This answer will vary from user to user. Me personally, I will be getting the Cameo 4 for many reasons.

I want to test it out for cutting thicker materials.

I also teach on the Silhouette machines, so I feel that in order to teach Silhouette users, I need to know the machine. So I will be clicking buy at 12 PM MST when the Pre-Order goes live.

Do you need a Cameo 4 bundle?
Again, this is only a decision you can make for yourself. Me personally, I have the other supplies that a bundle might have and I’ll save that extra little bit for the specialty tools that will be coming soon.

However, if you are a new user or feel a bundle is right for you there are a couple of retailers who have bundles available.
Check them out here:
Heat Press Nation
Swing Design

*Please note that the white Cameo 4 machines will be the machines that are shipping the soonest and the color machines will follow later.

The only person that can make the decision on whether you “need” a Cameo 4 is YOU.

Once I receive a Cameo 4, I will begin testing and becoming familiar with all that this new machine can do.

But until it arrives at my house, I will continue to make lists of what projects I want to “test” on this new machine.

I would love to see what projects you create with any Silhouette machines! Feel free to post on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.


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