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Print and Cut with Foil Embellishments

Want to take your Silhouette projects to the next level?

Combining techniques such as adding Foil Quill accents to a print and cut project can give it a little pop.

This technique takes two amazing features and combines them together. It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it and the end result can be amazing and unique.

This post is inspired by my friend Teresa P. who does some amazing Foil Quill work and combines it with print and cut. The credit goes to her for this post as she is a big inspiration!

To get started with this combination, I would recommend being familiar with both the print and cut process and using the Foil Quill. Here are 2 basic tutorials:
Let’s Explore v4 – Print and Cut Basics
Silhouette Cameo 4 – Beginner Foil Quill

A few other tools to be familiar with in the Silhouette software for this technique are:
Let’s Explore v4 – Basic Trace
Let’s Explore v4 – Trace by Color
Let’s Explore v4 – Freehand Drawing Tools
Let’s Explore v4 – Drawing Tools

You won’t use all of these tools at the same time, but each tool serves a purpose and one may work better for you on a certain graphic versus another. You may find that you know more than you realize in the software.

What does it mean to combine a print and cut project with Foil Quill?
Basically, you are telling the software that you want to foil certain areas on top of a print and cut. Since a print and cut has registration marks, it can read where the design is on the page to know where you are telling it to foil.

However, each design may vary in what you need to do to tell it where to foil. You may have to create a “cut” line by tracing, drawing, etc. in order for it to know where you want to foil on top of the print and cut.

Tutorial written in Silhouette Studio v4.4.552
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How to Add Foil Accents to Print and Cut Projects

Set up print and cut page with the design to be used.

I am using Watercolor Almond Flowers Greeting Card by Graphic House Design – Design #398797.

On the Page Setup Panel – Tab 1, choose the machine, cutting mat, and media size.
Check the boxes next to Show Print Border and Show Cut Border.

Tip – It helps to place the design towards the bottom of the page if possible. You do not want to unload the mat after it’s foiled, so you can send the design to be cut after it’s foiled.

On the Page Setup Panel – Tab 3, turn the Registration Marks on and click the Restore Defaults button.

Tip: using the system defaults will give you the most accurate print and cut. I recommend using the defaults especially if you are just getting started with print and cut.

Use File > Print > Print to print the page.

– Once the page is printed, do not move the design on the page. If you accidentally move the design use the Undo button.
– This is a great time to use the Layers Panel and lock the layer with the graphic image
on it so it does not move. Create a new “working layer” to complete the following steps.

Place the printed page on the cutting mat in the exact location (top left corner) on the cutting mat as it shows on the design screen.

Using drawing tools or the trace panel, create cut lines where you want to add foil quill.

In this example, I used the Freehand Drawing Tools to trace around the areas of the design that I wanted to fill with the Foil Quill.

Add a fill to the shape using the Line Effects/Sketch fill panel.

I used a crosshatched fill with 0.010″ spacing and an edge effect in the Line Style/Sketch Panel.

Set the sketch lines to a different color than the cut line color using the Line Style Panel – Tab 2.

I use red for my cut lines and blue for sketch lines.

Secure foil on top of the area to be foiled.

– Use washi tape or a low tack tape to secure the foil onto the page. Be careful when removing so as not to tear the paper or remove the ink.
– Keep the foil & tape away from the registration marks area so it does not interfere with the reading of the print and cut.
– Make sure the foil is secure and will not catch as the mat moves back and forth in the machine.

Click on the Send tab. Choose the cut by Line Color.

Choose the Material settings on the Send tab for each color.

Uncheck the line color(s) for the cut lines and only have the Foil Quill lines checked.

Send it to foil.

DO NOT unload the cutting mat when finished.

Carefully check the foil and remove carefully.

Uncheck the foil color lines and check the cut lines.

Switch the tools from the Foil Quill to a blade if needed and send it to cut.

Enjoy your foil accented print and cut design.

Now it’s time to practice!

Choose designs and then decide what will work best for creating the cut lines to fill with a line effect/sketch fill to foil accents with.

This could be a great addition to cards, stickers, scrapbook pages, or many more projects.

Here are a few examples I created using the same techniques.

Anniversary card with sentiment & accents in gold foil.
Happy Anniversary created with Samantha Craft font found HERE.
Trace tool used for the geometric shapes and added sentiment in gold foil.
Geometric Floral Frame by Rhonna Farrer – Design #293654

Check out a quick demo video of the foiling process for the Happy Birthday card above on my YouTube channel HERE.

Christmas wreath accented with green & pink foils.
Christmas Wreath by Echo Park – Design #162745

Looking to add a Foil Quill to your tools?
Find it at Joanns, Amazon, Swing Design, Scrapbook Pal
Check out the supply list I used in the Foil Quill Beginner’s Tutorial HERE

I would love to see what you are creating with your Silhouette software or machines!
Or if you have any questions, feel free to post photos or questions on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.
Check out the Foil Quill Album on the Facebook group HERE.

Save this for future reference by pinning the image below.

Enjoy !

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