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Let’s Explore v4 – Layers Panel

Layers Panel in Silhouette Studio v4

Unless you’ve worked in another graphics program, like Photoshop, you may be wondering what layers are. In the Silhouette software, you can create a design in layers which allows you to do many things such as hide, lock, rename, cut by layer, etc.

The Layers Panel is an option if you have the Designer Edition software upgrade or higher for the Silhouette Studio.

If you open the Layers Panel on a blank design mat, you will see that there isn’t much in there.

Layers panel beginning

What this tells us is on the design mat I have open, there is 1 layer.  If I start drawing shapes or text, it will place all of those pieces on Layer 1.

For example, if I open this A2 Pop Up Owl card by Jamie Cripps from the Silhouette Design Store, it will tell us several things.

Owl o ween card example

Here is how the layers panel looks for this design.

Owl o ween card layers

On the right side is the Layers Panel and it shows 1 layer and that this layer is grouped together. If I un-group the design, it will show each shape on that layer or each grouping of shapes, depending on how the file was created. But, the entire design is still on the same layer.

Owl o ween card layers ungrouped

So let’s take a look at what all of this means and what you can do with the Layers Panel.

Layers panel copy

The layers panel can be found on the right side towards the bottom of the Silhouette Studio v4 software, if you have the Designer Edition upgrade to the Silhouette software.

There is a lot of information in this small panel, so let’s explore all the features.

Layers panel detail copy

  1. File name – This is the name of the file that is currently open.
  2. Layer details – The default name for each layer is “Layer 1” and then each proceeding one will be in numerical order, but you can change that by clicking on the word Layer and typing a new name or right clicking and choose Rename Layer.Layers right click options
    There are many options here including: add a layer under this layer, rename layer, delete layer, cut, copy, paste, select or deselect.In additional to those options, there are toggle options too.

    Eye and lock option copy

    The eyeball can be toggled on and off which hides or shows a layer.

    Eyeball on copy
    This can allow you to see how a design will look without moving the shape or object.

    The lock can be toggled on or off and allows a layer to be locked so it cannot be moved by accident. Again very helpful when designing if you want something to stay in place.

    Locked copy

    When a layer is locked, it cannot be selected, moved or altered. The layer can be hidden by clicking on the eyeball, but no changes can be made to the layer without toggling the lock off.

    Maximize and minimize the layer details by clicking on the circle next to the Layer name.

    Maximize copy

  3. Designs on layer – All objects that are on that layer will be listed below the layer title in the order they are on the mat.Designs on layersObjects can be grabbed and dragged to rearrange the order within the Layers Panel.
  4. Additional layers – Add as many layers as needed to a design. Having the parts of the design on separate layers allows more control over things while working with a design.
  5. Add or Remove Layers – Use these quick button to Add or Remove layers as needed.Add or Remove layers

Layers can be fun to play around with and can also serve many useful purposes when designing or using more complex designs.

The other option available once layers have been created is to Cut by Layer.

Cut by Layers copy

On the Send tab, choose the option to Cut by Layer and it will open up a window with all the Layer options. Now the cut lines can be turned on and off, depending on which part of the design is being cut.

I hope this helps explain the layers panel just a bit more!

Layers Panel


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