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Let’s Explore v4 – Advanced Rhinestones

There are so many neat features of the Silhouette Studio software as you move up in the software upgrades. The Advanced Rhinestone Panel is an option if you have the Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition upgrade.

Rhinestone Panel copy

At first glance or if you read the standard description, it may not seem like much of a feature, but let’s take a look at it more in depth.

Rhinestone Panel Detail copy

  1. Rhinestone Library – Contains images of rhinestone designs – 2 sectionsPre-set Images and Sizes – Choose which color and size that you would like to add to your design

    Rhinestone options

    User Rhinestones – designs can be added to the Rhinestone library by either drawing a shape or importing a photo

    Rhinestone Library - User section copy

  2. Size – Designates the size of the rhinestone chosen or the size of the rhinestone design you are creatingSize copy
    This will show grayed out if using a pre-set shape & size.

    If a shape is added to the rhinestone library, then a size can be designated and it is no longer grayed out.

    Size User created copy

  3. Add Selected Shape to Rhinestone Library – Add shape designs to the library for creating a new rhinestone option. Shapes can be drawn or imported from a photoAdd Selected Shape copy

    The default measurement can also be changed under the Preferences in the software. It can be set to inches (default), millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches or feet.

    Change measurement preference copy

    And then it will reflect in the panels that use measurements.

    Change measurement copy

    If the shape drawn is bigger than what is allowed, a pop up will appear stating this.

    Error size

  4. Draw Rhinestones – Single vs Multiple – Choose to draw one style of rhinestone designs or a multiple of designs from the library.Single – drawing rhinestone in repeat of 1 shape with a click of the mouse

    Draw Rhinestone Single click

    Multiple – Draw Rhinestone from a chosen list of varied designs pulled from rhinestone library.

    By clicking on the multiple option, a new option window expands and you can add or delete the order of the designs in the selection window.

    Draw Multiple pattern
    This would come in handy if you are trying to create a rhinestone pattern with different sizes.

    Or you can use the pre-set rhinestone designs and create a pattern too.

    Draw Multiple pattern on shape

  5. Angle – Change the angle of how the rhinestone design follows a shape.Standard = Rhinestones upright
    Center = Rhinestones point to center
    Perpendicular = Rhinestone align to contour


  6. Spacing – Change the spacing between the rhinestones when applied to a shape.Spacing.JPG
  7. Angle Offset – Choose what angle the rhinestones are placed along a shape.Angle Offset.JPG
  8. Rhinestone placement – Choose how the rhinestones are placed – options are: Outer edge, perpendicular, or from center.Rhinestone Placement
  9. Draw Rhinestone – Single Click vs Replace – Add a rhinestone with a single mouse click or replace a rhinestone with a different rhinestone.Single = place 1 rhinestone with each click of the mouse
    Replace = Once a rhinestone is placed it can then be swapped out with a different rhinestone for another size or color
  10. Totals (All Shapes) – Gives a count of all the rhinestones on the mat or the image selected.Totals copy

 Now that we have explored the entire panel – what would you use this for?

Here I’ve created what is called a mock up and the design is laid on top of the photo of the tote bag.

Mock up photo

Now I may actually have to make the rhinestone decal for real.
Find out more information on creating a rhinestone template in the Let’s Explore v4 – Rhinestones post.

Have you played with the Rhinestone feature yet?
I would love to see your Silhouette projects! Feel free to post on my Facebook group at
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