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Silhouette Surprise! Mystery Box!

Who doesn’t love a surprise? And that is just what I received when Silhouette America asked if I wanted to check out their new Mystery box.

When I opened the box, look what I saw:


Plus a pack of the Kraft Adhesive paper that arrived on my doorstep, it must have forgotten to jump in the box and was just another bonus to the mystery box.

Kraft Paper

And now the fun part of playing with these materials.

I grabbed some designs from the Silhouette Design Store and tackled something I’ve had on my project list.


I used the Leatherette package and the sketch pens to create these earrings and earring cards.

First, I started off making the earring holders.
I cut several different styles but I ended up really liking Design #14057 by Loni Stevens.

Earring holder file

But, I knew I could add to the earring holder, so I decided to dress them up a bit with the Silhouette sketch pens. I received the Metallic set in my mystery box and after testing several, the silver was my favorite.
I could have told you that before I tested, but I still gave all the colors as chance.

Zoom on stitches and name

To make the dashed sketch line:
– Make a copy of the outer edge of the earring holder design
Resize the copy a little smaller – either by the Scale panel or by dragging the corner bounding box
– Use the Line Style Panel and change the style of the line to a dashed line
– Also under the Line Style Panel change the color of the line to black.
– Select the dashed line, click on the Send Tab and then click on the
Action by: Line at the top –
this means the Cameo will perform the actions we tell it to by the Line Color
Cut by Line color
– Grab the black color option and move it to the top spot –
this action will be performed first
– Change the Tool No. to the blue circle (blue circle = Tool 2)
– Select your Material – Cardstock
– Change the Action to Sketch
– Check & set up the Cut settings for the red line

Now when the design is Sent, it will first sketch the design that has been changed to a black Line color – the dashed line and then after will cut the lines that are red.

Next, I used the Nouradilla Script Font and added my name and Silhouette Secrets to the earring holder as well. Change the line color to black under the Line Style Panel and it will sketch at the same time as the dashed line.

Once I started cutting, it was hard to stop. I do love how this Leatherette cut so smoothly. I started with brand new blade and mat and I believe it made a big difference in how cleanly it cut. In fact, the more I cut and the less sticky my mat became, the cuts weren’t as crisp. A sticky mat makes a big difference.


This was the first set I cut and might be my favorite. It is Leaf Earring design by Lilium Pixel SVG – Design #266977. The only thing I changed on this file was I released the Compound Path and deleted the top circle for the hardware. After I deleted the circle in each, I selected the entire design and then chose Make a Compound Path again.

I then made a copy of the earring design and right clicked and Flipped horizontally. This made a 2nd copy that I could glue together and make the back have a finished look. I used a Xyron Sticker Maker permanent adhesive to do this.


Lined Leaf Earrings by Amanda McGee – Design #275057
Leaves Earrings by Amanda McGee – Design #275058
This design was modified to take out the top circles like the first file and then cut & glued together with the Xyron Permanent Adhesive.


Tear Drop Earrings by Sweet Elsie – Design #273510
– Ungroup the design
– Release the Compound Path and deleted the hardware circle at the top.
– Make a copy and Scale the copy down a little
– Make another copy and Scale it down a little more
– Cut each out of a different color and layer on the earring hardware

You could also use glue and adhere the layers down to each other but I chose to let them hang loose.

Rather than try to get each design to match, I deleted one of the original designs, made my copies and resized how I liked and then make a copy of the entire design before I cut. Then both earrings matched exactly.


Leaf Earrings by Lori Whitlock – Design #268363
I once again ungrouped the design, released the compound path and then deleted the top circle. You might see a pattern here.
It is nothing to do with the Designer’s file, but for the Double J Earwire hardware I had from Craft Chameleon, it was easier to make my own hardware hole.


Drop Earrings by Sweet Elsie – Design #273506
I did the same technique with making copies and resizing as I did with the Tear Drop earrings above.


Layered Feather Earrings by Amanda McGee – Design #275059
This file was cut exactly as it opened.
Again, you could glue the layers down if that is your desired look.


For this set, I took the Tear Drop Earrings by Sweet Elsie – Design #273510 and then added a dingbat from the Valentine Dingbats Font by Lori Whitlock – Design #243211.
– Make a copy of the Tear Drop design
– Add the dingbat shape from the font to one of the designs
– Select both the earring shape and the dingbat shape, then make a compound path
– Cut each shape out of the colors
– Glue the layers together

All of the earrings above were cut from the Silhouette Leatherette using the Leatherette cut settings in the program and it worked beautifully.
Leatherette cut settings
Again, I did start with a brand new blade and mat, which I believe was very helpful.

The Silhouette cutting mat is very important and the material sticking to the mat for the entire cut is key to getting crisp, clean cuts for all materials.
If the material moves as the blade is going around, it cannot connect exactly and you end up with crunched corners, cuts not connected, frustration and possibly a mess.

I’d suggest always having an extra Silhouette mat & blade on hand for any projects you are doing.

Now, if you are daring and like a little surprise to show up on your doorstep – check out this Mystery Box from Silhouette. I know I’ll be doing more projects with it.
But grab it quick as it is only until September 15th.

Click HERE and enter code SILSECRETS to get this special deal.


And while your shopping check out the Heat Transfer & Vinyl – including the new Oracal vinyl is 50% off. Just make sure to enter code SILSECRETS when you checkout to get this deal!

HTV photo Silhouette

I would love to see what you create with your mystery box or any of your projects with your Silhouette machine!
Feel free to share on my Facebook group at Silhouette Secrets by EllyMae.


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  1. I just got this email today Oct.1,2018. Wow!! I wish I would of gotten this Sept.1,2018 I would of bought the mystery box.
    Can we buy Oct.1,2018 box?

    What box was this the $50.00 or $100.00 box?


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