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Back to School project time

It is Back to School here for us and I made a little something to add to my kid’s backpacks. These bag tags are 3″ in size and with the lobster claw, perfect to clip onto their backpack zipper.


Our school colors are blue and white, so this little paw print acrylic from Craft Chameleon works great. There are many options for colors both solid and glitter, just click on the drop down box for more options.
For the girl’s tags I used the white glitter with Siser PSV in blue and the boy’s are solid white with Oracal 651 blue.

Paw print acrylic

And it comes with a cut file that is sized perfectly for the acrylic blank, so all you have to do is customize it if needed and set it up to cut.
The cut file is emailed when the order is mailed out, so you can save it for future use.

CC cut file

*Line color added and thickened for visual

How to make the bag tag design

For these bag tags, I wanted to add the first initial into the design. I typed the first initial using the Text Style Tool and then changed the font using the Text Style Panel.
I used Lori Whitlock’s School Font Design #273761 from the Silhouette Design Store because it was a nice bold font.

Girls paws

Once the properties (color, font style, etc) of the first letter is set, then make a copy of the letter and change the text to the next letter. I find this saves time when you are using multiple text designs that are similar. In this case, all of the initials would be the same font, so I just copied and pasted the letter and then changed it for the next one.

Place the letter in the design where you want and you are ready to cut.

Girls paws send tab

The Cameo will cut exactly where you see the bold red cut lines when you click on the Send tab. I chose to Send mine to cut this way with weeding lines between the designs.

If you are creating a design to show to someone, you can make the design look more realistic and having the letter “cut out” or subtracted from the paw print by making it a Compound Path.

Compound path

Both designs will cut the exact same way as you can see from the bold red cut lines on the Send tab.

Compound path send tab

I can’t wait to show the kids when they get home from school.


Here are the supplies I used to create these bag tags
found at Craft Chameleon and Swing Design:
3″ acrylic paw print
Swivel Lobster Clasp
1 inch Silver Tone Links
Triangle bail (small)
Bent Nose pliers 
Siser PSV adhesive glitter vinyl (blue)
Siser PSV transfer tape
Oracal 651 adhesive vinyl
Oracal 651 transfer tape

And here is a quick video on how I applied the vinyl to the acrylic blanks.

I love that with my Silhouette, I can make so many different custom projects.


SS_Signature copySS Logo snip it

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