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Let’s Explore v4 – Rhinestones

Bling, sparkle and wow!

Exploring the Rhinestone panel today!

This is a Designer Edition upgrade feature, so if you have the Basic software, you will not see this icon on the screen.

Rhinestone Panel copy

If you only have the Basic software, you can still cut rhinestone designs, but you cannot create rhinestone designs. The Silhouette Design store has many rhinestone designs that can be opened and cut with the Basic software.

The diamond icon is what how you can tell at a glance that it is a rhinestone design or you can use the search box and type in “rhinestone” and it will bring designs up.

Design Store Rhinestone files copy

With a rhinestone design, it comes it at a specific size to use with certain stone sizes, so they cannot be resized if you are using stones.

The description of the design will also tell you more information about the design, such as size, number of rhinestones, and rhinestone sizes needed.

Design Store description copy

With the Designer Edition upgrade to the Silhouette Studio software, you can create your own rhinestone designs in just a few clicks.

There are so many options in creating your own designs in this panel, let’s take a look.

*Please note – throughout the entire post I have filled the rhinestone design in with color so it can be seen better. When a rhinestone design it is not filled with a color.
Check out more information on the Fill Color Panel HERE.

Rhinestone Panel detail copy

  1. Rhinestone Effect – 3 options for rhinestone placement
    Edge Effect – places rhinestones around the edge of the designEffect Edge copyLinear Effect – this fills the design in a linear formationEffect Linear copy

    Here is another example of the linear effect

    Effect Linear demo2 copy

    Radial Effect – fills the design in a radial pattern

    Effect Radial copy

    Here is another example of the radial effect

    Effect Radial demo2 copy

  2. Rhinestone Size – 4 options: 6 ss, 10 ss, 16 ss, 20 ss
    ss stands for Stone SizeStone SizeChoose from the most popular stone sizes or adjust it to a custom size.Adjustable size copy
  3. Rhinestone Spacing – further customize the design by adjusting the spacing between the rhinestonesSpacing
  4. Draw Rhinestones – left click and hold the mouse button down and draw a design. The rhinestone pattern will follow your drawing and the stone size will be what is chosen above in Rhinestone size.Freehand copyHere is a the Freehand rhinestone in action: 
  5. Release Rhinestones – releases all the rhinestone circles into individual design pieces. This allows you to manipulate the design even further by moving the rhinestone holes, adding more or deleting some. A selection box will appear around each rhinestone circle.Release RhinestonesZoomed in to see the selection boxes.Release Rhinestones zoomedHere I have moved some and added more to fill in the blank spaces.

    Freehand finish

    Something to keep in mind when you do release the rhinestones is you are breaking the file up from 1 object to LOTS of objects – each of those boxes around the hole is a new object. This means that it is a lot of data for your computer to process. Do not be surprised if you experience a little lag or it doesn’t react as fast as you’d like. This is normal and depends on the processing speed of your computer and how much data it can process at once.

    After adjusting the design, select the entire image and then Group it back together, so the file will move as 1 object.

    Rhinestone grouped

  6. Totals (all Shapes) – this tells how many rhinestones are either on the mat or if 1 object is selected, how many are in the design.When no objects are selected, it totals all the rhinestones on the mat file.Totals copyWhen 1 object is selected, it totals the rhinestone count for that 1 object.Totals selected copy

Rhinestone designs can be so much fun to create and design!

The design is then cut out of a rhinestone template material that can be reused over and over again to create fabulous rhinestone designs.


And you have another customized project that you have created with the Silhouette machine.


For a full online video course going step-by-step through the rhinestone process, check out this class on “Creating a Rhinestone Design in Silhouette Studio.

Supplies used in this post:
Love design by Silhouette Design #9651
Magic Flock rhinestone material, Hot Fix Transfer tape, and Rhinestones
from The Rhinestone World
Canvas Zipper bag from Craft Chameleon


Feel free to share your sparkly rhinestone projects on my Facebook group at
Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae.

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