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Let’s Explore v4 – Sketch Panel

One of the options with the Silhouette machine is using pens in the tool holder and then the Silhouette will draw the design you choose. There are sketch designs that you can find in the Silhouette Design store and are all ready to use with your sketch pens. This is one of my favorites I did while preparing for a class.


But, did you know that you can turn images into sketched designs? If you have the Designer Edition upgrade to the Silhouette software, you have the Sketch Panel available to you.

Sketch Panel copy

This is so fun to play around with and you never know what you may like until you try it.

Sketch Settings

Sketch Panel detail copy

  1. Edge Sketch – 7 different edge style sketchesEdge SketchAs you can see, each one gives it a little different look. Keep in mind that the more lines you see or the darker the sketch is, the longer it will take to sketch out that design.
  2. Fill Sketch –  8 different fill option for the sketch design.Fill SketchIn the above example, an outer edge sketch line was chosen to help show the design better and then each one is a Fill option.
  3. Release Sketch – This opens up a whole new world of possibilities in editing your sketch design. Once the sketch is released, then you can access individual point editing on the sketched design and can manipulate it how you like. On the left is before the sketch is released. Each of the gray points is an edit point that can be manipulated in this design. On the right is after the sketch has been released. Now, not only do you have the gray edit points, but the sketch fill lines have been released so you can move those as well. Keep in mind that a red dot means that it is an open point and not a closed object, so you will not be able to fill this with color. You can move the red dots towards each other and connect the dots to change the sketch fill.

And there are even more options

Advanced Sketch Settings

Advanced Sketch copy

  1. Edge Effect – 4 options for Edge Effect. These look the same when you first click on them, but with each one there may be more options for you to adjust the design.Plain – there are no further options given. AS Plain Continuous – Option for width, density & waver. AS Continuous I have made a few adjustments from the photo above to show you the difference. AS Continuous2 Rough – Option for stroke length, width, density, splay, curvature. AS Rough 1 And this photo below shows a few adjustments and how it can change the look of the sketched design. AS Rough 2 Scribble – Options for loop separation, loop size, randomness, and density. AS Scribble 1 And here is an example of adjustments made to the Scribble options. AS Scribble 2
  2. Fill Type – 3 additional options for Fill type – none, zigzag, and hatchZigzag – Options for spacing, angle, offset FT Zigzag And here is adjusting those options. FT Zigzag2 Hatch – Options for spacing, angle, sweep, offset. FT Hatch1 And more adjustments made to the Hatch fill. FT Hatch2
  3. Options – As shown in the examples above, these options change for each type of sketch fill you choose.
  4. Fill Effect – 2 advanced OptionsRough – options for stroke length, width, density, splay, curvature. FE Rough1 And changing the options up a bit, yields a different sketched look. FE Rough2 Scribble – Options are loop separation, loop size, randomness, and density FE Scribble 1.JPG And more adjustments to the options. FE Scribble 2

Now, did you know there were so many options? You could play with this feature for a long time and make many different designs with it, just by changing a few things.

Sketch pens are so fun to play with and can make very unique designs.

Keep in mind that that the Sketch Panel is available for those that have the Designer Edition upgrade to the Silhouette software.

Check out this video showing how to turn a design into a sketched design using this Sketch Panel.

Enjoy !

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Explore v4 – Sketch Panel”

  1. Thank you so much for the detailed description of sketching. I’ve been using that fundtion for awhile mainly on the Curio, but was not aware of the advanced ketch, fill, etc. So glad I subscribed.

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  2. I have messy ‘trail’ lines where the pen has moved between sketch lines. I can’t find any posts about this. Do you have any advise please? Thank you


    1. It will depend on what model Cameo you have, but you can try the popsicle stick trick. Take a popsicle stick and place it under the pen tip when you install the pen. Only push it down until the pen tips touches the stick.
      If that doesn’t work, try decreasing the force on the Sketch action a little bit.


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