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May the Fourth Family Shirts

May the Fourth Shirts The Silhouette Design Store released this cute May the Fourth gnome inspired bundle in the store today and when they asked if I wanted to play with it, I said yes of course!My husband and I have been brainstorming ideas, thinking "outside the box". This was the perfect "team" project as… Continue reading May the Fourth Family Shirts

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Perfect Cut Settings in Silhouette

I know everyone is always looking for the "perfect cut settings".Well, let's just start with That is a myth! What you will see is many "suggested settings".Even in the Silhouette software, there are "preset settings".These are just a starting point. Why? Well, the first reason is Not all materials are created the same.You may have… Continue reading Perfect Cut Settings in Silhouette

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Cutting HTV on the Cameo 4, Plus, or Pro – Troubleshooting

Cutting HTV on the Cameo 4, Cameo Plus, or Cameo ProTroubleshooting Are you having issues with getting HTV to cut properly on the Cameo 4, Cameo Plus, or Cameo Pro? Or are you noticing issues with the HTV feeding properly through the machine? Recently, I was cutting HTV with my Cameo Pro and was having… Continue reading Cutting HTV on the Cameo 4, Plus, or Pro – Troubleshooting

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5 Steps to Setting Up and Troubleshooting the Cameo Pro

Cutting like a Pro with Your Cameo Pro The Cameo Pro is the newest cutting machine released by Silhouette and I have loved creating larger projects with mine. Today I have 5 tips for setting up the Cameo Pro.These steps can also be used for troubleshooting any cutting or feed issues you may be having… Continue reading 5 Steps to Setting Up and Troubleshooting the Cameo Pro

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Silhouette Cameo Pro DIY Stand/table

I've shared a few glimpses of this DIY stand/table that we've been in the process of creating for the Cameo Pro. And it's now finished - whew!Let me tell you, writing the instructions, filming the video, and writing the blog post took twice as long as actually building the stand. Whether you are considering building… Continue reading Silhouette Cameo Pro DIY Stand/table