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New Silhouette class – Glass Etching

Let me tell you, this class was challenging. Teaching how to use Silhouette is the easy part that I can do with my eyes closed (maybe most of the time). However, the tech issues, it was non-stop for me this round. And not Silhouette tech issues, but everything else, from recording software to the editing process.
It was driving me batty!
But 2 days and many hours later, I got it finished, with a few cuss words at the editing/recording software.

Glass etching is not difficult to do and I share my tips & tricks in this 1 hour 42 minute video class. In the class, I share cutting tips for measuring, sizing, and cutting 4 different stencils on 2 different materials. I cut from Oracal 651 and Oramask 813. Then I also demonstrated and provided tips to applying the stencils to 4 different shaped objects.
For the class, you do not have to use the same glass objects or do all of the projects, but it will give you ideas so you could use a wide variety of blanks.

The most difficult part of glass etching is getting a good photo of it due to the glass and glare.

Find all the details on the class


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I’ve included the class supply list below to help prepare for what I used in the class.

Supplies needed:

– Silhouette machine
– Etchall Etching Cream – Amazon or – use code silhouettesecretsplus and save 10%
*This class uses Etchall cream. Using other brands of etching cream may not yield the same results. Etchall can be reused so is a great investment.
– Oracal 651 or 631
– Oramask 813
– Transfer tape
– Alcohol swabs
– Silhouette spatula or popsicle stick
– Painters Tape
– Rubber gloves
– Access to a sink & paper towels

Glass products demonstrated:
– Stemless wine glass
Mason jar drinking glass
– Jewelry box: Gray, White, or Burlap
– Glass Candle holders from Dollar Tree

*Not all glass items can be etched. Tempered glass cannot, cookware from Ikea cannot, etc. The only way to know is to test it out for sure.

**You do not have to have the same items that I am using for class, but I will share some tips for these different shaped objects using the items in the photo above.

Designs used in class demonstration:
– Holly from Christmas design by Sarah Hurley – Design #334881
Snowflakes by Erica Digital Designs – Design #379892
Monogram Wreath Font by Kristen Magee – Design #260225
Split & Full Flourish Monogram E (class demo) or Split & Full Flourish Monogram K (class photos) – by artist Kolette Hall
– Mom Juice created with a bold font
* These are just design examples and do not have to be exact. We will discuss design tips in the class and what can be easier to get a good etch with.

It is so fun to be able to customize glass items for gifts and Silhouette makes that easy.

Here are a few more things that I have etched with the same techniques as we cover in the class.

Glass coffee mug from Target
You Can Do This – Coffee design by Jillibean Soup – Design #218802

Glass Cookie Jar from Michaels etched for K pod storage
Coffee Canister Label by Chameleon Cuttable – Design #349557

More etched jewelry boxes I made for Christmas gifts
Split & Full Flourish Monogram – G by Kolette Hall – Design #128840
Split & Full Flourish Monogram – A by Kolette Hall – Design #128858

Glass etching is a great way you can personalize a gift too!

Like 25 glass mason jars from Michaels to be filled with candy as Thank You gifts.
Add a Print and Cut thank you note and ta-da!

Yes! Etchall etching cream works on glass and slate!

Slate serving trays from Johnson Plastics
Eat Drink and Be Thankful by Jillibean Soup – Design #280222
Monogram Family by Lori Whitlock – Design #271080

So many options! I hope that has given you some ideas.
Check out the Glass Etching with Silhouette class HERE and start perfecting your technique today!

Or check out the 19 other Silhouette classes available on my Teachable site HERE.

I’d love seeing what you are creating with your Silhouette machines or software.
Feel free to post photos or questions on my Facebook group at 
Silhouette Secrets with EllyMae.

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