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Let’s Explore v4 – Flexi Shapes


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New with the Silhouette Studio v4.2 software is a feature called FlexiShapes.
What are they?

FlexiShapes are another Tool in the Silhouette Software to help you create or add to a design.

Let’s take a look at the Silhouette Studio v4 layout. There are 2 side menus in the Silhouette software. The left side menu is where the Tools in the software can be found. Drawing tools, edit points, lasso tool, line drawing tools, shape drawing tools, text tool, notes, eraser, knife, and transfer properties eye dropper tool.
The right side menu is composed of Panels which control the properties of an object. Using the Panels on the right side, an object can be customized and the properties of it altered. This includes things such as fill color, line color, rotation, scale, font style, cropping, rhinestones, sketch, warp, etc.

Tools vs Panels copy.jpg
Check out the “Let’s Explore v4” series HERE or in the menu at the top of the blog to see a breakdown of the Panels on the right side.

FlexiShapes are available in the Silhouette Software v4.2 software version with the Designer Edition Plus or Business Edition upgrade.
The FlexiShapes can be found under the left side of the Silhouette software where all the Tools are found.

FlexiShapes copy

Look at all those new shapes that are now available with a few clicks of the mouse to start your own creations in the Silhouette software.

Each of the FlexiShapes will have different properties and ways that you can alter each one. Let’s take a look at a few FlexiShapes and how they can be adjusted.

On the left side I chose the flower FlexiShape, left clicked and moved my mouse out.
This creates the initial shape.

FlexiShapes Flower copy.jpg

Next, you will notice that each FlexiShape will vary in the edit nodes that it may have.

Zoom in on Shape white node

White nodes adjust the size of the shape or rotate the shape from the point of the white node.

Zoom in on Shape red node 1

Red nodes adjust the definition of the shape. In this flower shape, moving the red node will adjust the petal definition of the flower.

Zoom in Shape red node 2 copy

The slider bar in the center of the design will adjust the edges of the shape. In this flower example, it will decrease or increase the number of petals on the flower.

Zoom in Shape center adjustment copy
*Note – I have increased the line thickness in the photos to make it easier to see.

Each FlexiShape that you choose will have different options that can be adjusted to change the outcome. Some shapes may have more nodes or less.

Want a star? Start with the star shape and it can quickly become something else.

Star shape copy.jpg

Want a tear drop shape?

Tear drop copy

Create shapes and add them to your designs like these teardrops in the corners of this design created for the Curio Boot Camp for the June 2019 All Things Silhouette Conference.

Flamingo design copy

Both the teardrops and the scalloped rectangle frame are created using the FlexiShapes.

With the FlexiShapes there are so many options that you can create in the software.

Frames copy

Create a frame by adjusting the FlexiShape nodes and then make an Internal Offset, next select both the original shape & the offset and Make a Compound Path. This will take the 2 shapes and compress them into 1, creating the frame.
Fill the shape with color using the Color Fill Panel to see how it will look.

Create arrows of all shapes and sizes or create a picket fence from adjusting the nodes and replicating the shape. This are all created from the same starting arrow shape.

Arrow design copy

And once you start playing, it’s hard to stop.

I am in no way a designer, but you never know what you might create by combining a few shapes or playing around with some FlexiShape nodes today.

What can you think to create using the new FlexiShapes available in the Silhouette Studio v4.2 software?
I would love to see it!
Feel free to post photos on my Facebook group – Silhouette Secrets+ by EllyMae.

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**This post may contain affiliate links. What that means is that I may receive compensation if you purchase through the links I have provided. The price you pay for the product or service is not higher but I may get compensated for sharing.

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