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Creating a Shaped Edge Card in Silhouette Studio

Creating unique designs in the Silhouette Studio software does not have to be hard.
The more that you do it, the more comfortable you will get in the Silhouette software and before long you will be using the tools without a second thought.

Recently a question was asked on my Silhouette Secrets+ Facebook Group on how to create a particular card design and I have created both a video tutorial and below is the written tutorial.

Check out the video tutorial on the Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube channel HERE.

Creating a Shaped Edge Card in Silhouette Studio

Create the card base.
I used the the Project Wizard in this tutorial, which is found under File > Open in the top left corner.

Check out how to create a card base in 2 different ways in this post –
Create A Card Base Tutorial HERE
This will allow you to create any size card that you would like to create in the future.

The Project Wizard – Card is a 5″ x 7″ card base.

Right click on the card base and choose Ungroup, this will ungroup the middle score line from the card base.

I change the score line to a wider perforated line so it doesn’t tear the card when folded in half.
Open the Line Style Panel on the right side, select the score line, and change the Style to a wider dashed line.

The score line needs to be ungrouped from the card base in this tutorial, so it doesn’t disappear as we build the shaped edge card.

On the left side, choose the Flexishapes heart. Click on the design mat and draw down to create a heart.
Flexishapes are a Designer Edition Plus and Business Edition feature.
If you do not have this upgrade, check out this video for a quick way to draw your own heart –
Quick Video on Drawing a Heart in Silhouette Studio HERE

Right click on the heart and choose Convert to Path.

Position the heart on the right side of the card base. Resize the heart as desired by grabbing the corner bounding box and moving it in.

Make copies of the heart, resize as desired, rotate, and position on the right side of the card base the full length of the card base. Make sure to position the hearts on the right side, but not over the right edge of the card base.

Select all the hearts, then use the Align Tools to center align and space horizontal as desired.

The card base is a very specific side to fit in an envelope. Make sure not to move the score line or have the hearts extend past the right side to keep the card base dimensions.

With all of the hearts selected, open the Offset Panel on the right side. Select a distance of the Offset that does not extend past the card base, but that does overlap each heart, so the offset is welded together when Apply is selected.

Select the right edge of the card base and move it in about half way across the hearts. We are creating the shaped edge of the card.

Select the card edge, hold the Shift key down, click on the Offset to select it. Right click and choose Weld.
This creates the shaped edge of the card base.

If you end up with an interior bits from the offset. Right click on the card edge, select Release Compound Path, click off to deselect and then back on the little bit and press Delete.

Select the card base and all of the hearts, right click and choose Make Compound Path.
Do not select the score line.
Then fill it with a light color to see the Shaped Edge card that you’ve created.

Right click on the card base and choose Send to Back. This puts the score line back on top. Select everything, right click and choose Group.

You’ve now created a shaped edge card design!
You can do this technique with all kinds of shapes.
Cut from cardstock and send to friends and family.

Check out the video on the Silhouette Secrets+ YouTube channel for creating a 2nd shaped edge card with a unique flare.

I also have another tutorial on creating a little bit different shaped edge – check that out HERE.

Save this for future reference by pinning the image below.

Enjoy !

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