Silhouette Library Issues

We troubleshoot thousands of issues each week on social media and one of the questions we see often is about Library issues.

Most times it is a simple fix if the steps are followed properly.

One of the common ones we see is when a user’s library is showing as “Working Offline” in the bottom left corner. I find this happens if my internet connection changes such as when I’m traveling or the internet connection is dropped.

We saw it so much that in 2020 I published a tutorial called Let’s Explore v4 – Designs Not Downloading and shared the steps to take to fix this issue.

Check out that tutorial HERE.
It still solves 98%+ of the library issues.

However, there are times that the above does not work, so I thought I’d share where you can find more information about specific library issues.

Silhouette America has recently updated their Support FAQ area and it is a bit more search friendly to find information you might need.
Check out this post HERE on the Updates to the Silhouette America website.

Backup User Designs!!!!

As a note, it is ALWAYS recommended that you have any of your user designs backed up to an outside source. I do not recommend using the Silhouette library as your file storage as it is not designed as an all inclusive storage area but as a syncing device. This is one reason that the library is limited on storage space.

If you are using a Silhouette Studio version of v4.4.552 or higher, you can easily export individual user created designs as individual files and I HIGHLY recommend that you do this – right now if you have not already done it!

Check out this tutorial on how you can Export Individual User Designs HERE.

Silhouette America Support Information

I want to share more information that can easily be found on the new Silhouette Support site.
If you are experiencing any of these issues below, click on the title to be taken to step-by-step tips to help get you back on track.

Missing Library Content Between Computers or Programs

User Content Lost from Library

Library Sync Error – Doesn’t Ever Stop Syncing

Moving to a New Computer
Also check out this tutorial on the Silhouette Secrets blog on New Computer Tips HERE

Library Sync Error – Too Many Devices

Library Sync Error – Insufficient Storage

Library Sync Error – General Error Icon

Design Thumbnail Partially Missing
Note: at the time of this publication, I am not recommending v4.5.152 – if you choose to update to fix this issue, I would recommend updating to Beta v4.5.171 – however, please note that Beta versions can have unknown bugs. But, I still would recommend it over the bugs that are in v4.5.152.

Now, those are just a few of the items when I searched “library” under the new Silhouette America Support site.

Silhouette America Support

Silhouette Support has changed over the years since I started as an TJC Licensed Silhouette Instructor.
At the time of this publication, they have not had phone support in 4-5 years.
I can agree with this 100% as troubleshooting by telephone is very, very difficult – if not impossible in most situations. You cannot provide photos or videos of the issue you are having and the Support staff cannot provide a list of instructions that will help to solve the problem.

Currently, the only way to get in touch with Silhouette Support is through the online Support request found HERE or in the bottom right corner of the Silhouette America website.

Most issues that a user has could be solved by a quick search of the Silhouette America Support Solutions center and following the instructions exactly like they are written.

However, there are some cases where a Support tech is needed to address an issue. In that case, you will need to fill out all of the questions regarding the support request. And then make sure you complete it & that it gets fully submitted to them.

When you submit a request to Support, the best thing you can do is provide as detailed of a description as possible, photos of the issues, and/or video of the issue if necessary. This can help you get a diagnosis faster in most cases.

A support ticket that states “My machine won’t cut, fix it!”, really does not help you get an answer faster or help the Support Staff diagnose what issue you are having. It’s like throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks.

After you have submitted the issue to them, you will need to be patient and wait. The emails are answered in the order they are received in and you are in a line. There are other users with an issue that are ahead of you in that line and you don’t get to skip to the front because you feel your issue is more important.

Again, the more details you can provide when you submit your issue, the better chance you have of getting a diagnosis faster.

On that note, if you are having cut issues, follow this Troubleshooting Video HERE step-by-step and it fixes 98%+ of the cutting issues that we see.

We troubleshoot thousands of issues weekly across social media platforms and in most cases ask for photos and/or videos in order to diagnose the issue. You would probably be amazed at how many times we spot something in the photo or video that we weren’t even looking for that is culprit of a cut or software issue. Without seeing the photo or video, we would have never diagnosed it and the user would have continued to be frustrated.

I posted this on the Silhouette Secrets+ with EllyMae Facebook Group awhile back and thought I’d share here too!

Troubleshooting tip….

When we ask for a photo of the blade installed in the machine with the mat loaded, it is NOT just to look at the blade installation. There are MANY things we can tell from this photo that can help in identifying the problem. Most times it’s a quick fix. Otherwise it can be like throwing mud against a wall to see what sticks….. And sometimes it’s not specifically what we are looking for but what doesn’t look right – for instance, an adjustment hole blocked or vinyl stuck to the bottom of the blade.

A photo is really worth a thousand words.

Here are just a few things I can identify from a photo:
– blade housing alignment
– is the cutting mat covering adjustment holes
– adjustment holes have debris
– adhesive build up on rollers
– debris stuck in the machine
– what machine model it is
– what blade is being used
– is the cutting mat loaded sideways
And yes, if the blade is installed and locked in.

Those are just a few…. it would amaze you the little things we have picked up on that are the cause of a cut issue just from a photo. And until the underlying issue is identified and resolved, a user will continue to experience cut issues.

Silhouette “Secrets”

This blog post originally started as just troubleshooting for the Silhouette library and issues you may have. However, I couldn’t just stop there.

What is my “secret” to troubleshooting?

1 – Experience!
On my recent trip to Italy with Siser, our tour guide in Venice said she would get so many people questioning how she knew something. She said it took her awhile but she finally came up with an answer.

The more you do this, the more you watch your machine, the more familiar you become with the Silhouette software and the Silhouette machines, you will start to see how things work. Or be able to spot when something is “off” and then upon closer examination can figure out what is the cause.

I have been teaching Silhouette users since 2016 and I troubleshoot daily. I see a lot! I also watch my machines work and I listen to them! Yes, they will talk to you or at least you can hear when they yell at you when something might be wrong.

2 – I have no “secret”.
I treat each case I troubleshoot as a new issue because there is no one button fix for all issues.
No matter the experience level of the user, I follow the same steps in troubleshooting.
To be honest, for experienced users it’s often harder to troubleshooting with them because they are not always as willing to following instructions or provide us the information needed to help them.

Tip: When asked to provide information, photos, or video – the faster you do it, the faster you are going to get help and fix any issue you are having.
Help us, help you!

I hope these tips help you on your Silhouette journey!

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